Latest MTN mPulse Cheats for Http Injector, SparkVPN and KPN-Tunnel


Hi guys, today I will be sharing with you the very Latest MTN Configs Cheat With 0.00(50mb-capped) and mPulse for Http Injector, Spark VPN and KPN Tunnel Rev.

Normally the Mtn mPulse package doesn’t work with all apps and you can’t browse websites too, though you can search google and also watch YouTube including some educational websites.

Mtn recently introduced mPulse Prepaid Plan basically for teenagers between the age (9-15 years old). This plan is offered for a token of N150 monthly, also a weekly plan of N50 for 350MB.

We then decided to combine all the configs for the three VPN apps just to get your mtn mPulse data Cheat working and also in case you have enough sim you can browse 50mb capped on all your sim cards, select any of the VPN app that suits you.

How to Migrate to Mtn mPulse

To migrate to Mtn mPulse follow the below steps;

Step 1. Dial *344*1# on your mobile device.

Step 2. Ensure you have sufficient balance to subscribe to whichever data package you want. (N150 for 1.2Gb and N50 for 300MB).

Step 3. Dial *344*2*1*2# to migrate for N150.

Step 4. Check your balance with *544*93#.

Latest MTN Cheat With mPulse Requirements

Procedure for Importing Config Files

In case you are new to these VPN apps, we have previous posts that illustrates how to properly import configuration files for each of the VPN app, you can easily follow the import steps in them.

  1. How to Import Configs for HTTP Injector.
  2. Import Configs for SparkVPN.
  3. How to Import Configs for KPN Tunnel.

After a successful import of the config files you are expected to click on the connect button so as to fully tunnel all your apps and browsers to enable them work with the mPulse data, so it serves as a normal data for your device.

S/N 30-Days Config 30-Days Config Expiry Date
HTTP Injector HM-EHI-30DAYS(UK).ehi HM-EHI-30DAYS(NL).ehi [20/02/19] Respectively
SparkVPN HM-SPARK-30DAYS(UK).svc HM-SPARK-30DAYS(NL).svc [20/02/19] Respectively
KPN Tunnel HM-KPN-30DAYS(UK).ktr HM-KPN-30DAYS(NL).ktr [20/02/19] Respectively


Note: This configuration files expires and we will always update this page with new ones. This post will be updated with the latest MTN Config before the expiry days.

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