5 Short SEO Tips For WordPress Bloggers: Must Read


If your blog runs on WordPress then this might come in handy, I provide to you 5 Short SEO Tips for Your WordPress blog, with this it’s assured your blog will rank higher on SEO.

Most bloggers are not privilege to know about SEO, the reason for this is because everyone wants to be a blogger without learning about blogging.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, this is an avenue for one to get a pure, free and natural organic traffic from search engines.

Note that if you have an AdSense advert clicked by a surfer from organic traffic, you get higher income value. You might get up to $4 – $5 from just a click.

The major search engines we have are Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engines collate keyword results and links to their web for surfers to visit.

Seo makes your Adsense earnings to increase drastically, you can read this “How to Increase AdSense Earnings and Clicks” to drastically boost your Adsense earnings.

5 Short SEO Tips For WordPress Bloggers

These are the 5 seo tips for you to be successful in blogging, read carefully and take advantage of them all.

1. Keywords:

To rank higher on Google, Bing and other search engines you need to make use of catchy keywords.

You put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for an answer or solution, this is what you use as your keyword.

Example “How To Knot a Tie”, for someone who just open the search engine box to ask question about how to knot a tie.

There is every possibility that he or she will type it as I have just typed now.

This is a long tail keyword, and this will surely rank the site on google and other engines, because thousands of people type the same keyword to search for an answer.

Search engines automatically brings your site as an option for that surfer and that is a pure organic traffic.

For you to rank first you need to make good use of that keyword like repeating it on almost every paragraph of your content.

2. Quality Content:

Most SEO experts tells you to always write quality contents so as to rank well on search engines, have you ever asked what quality content really mean?

Quality content means a content devoid of plagiarism i.e it is truly yours as unique as it is.

The content is written by you without copying from other sites and not plagiarizing in any form.

The trick behind this is that content you copied and reform to yours has first been written by someone, hence it will be very difficult for you to rank with it.

Why not work on your own contents? As a blogger, for me to write an article I do ask questions relating to the answers just provided in my content from google.

Once I have a solution to a problem I type a question on google looking for such solution.

If there’s no site that highlight the points in my written article then I consider it as a quality content then I can now publish.

This will make my topic/content rank higher because most of the key points in it surpasses other blogs offering a topic related to mine and I didn’t copy from them.

3. Image (Alt):

Almost every bloggers make this mistake related to images, that is why it’s wrong to start a skill you didn’t acquire, try learn about blogging don’t just dive in.

To be a successful blogger this is very important, your image, after writing a clean content devoid of plagiarism.

It is not considered good enough without a good image to buttress the points in your article.

Most bloggers spent huge time to get together a good article, but they toss it in the trash by googling for already existing images.

How on earth do you expect to be ranked for this? That image you downloaded online was first uploaded by someone.

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As a content owner you need to also own the image used, that’s when we can really call you the owner of such content.

You should get your content an image, a unique one designed by you or paid for.

Even if at all you want to copy an image online then after copying you should add your topic text to it with the help of Corel-draw or Paint apps.

Not only that, after you’ve done the above then upload your image and “alt” it.

Adding alt to images gives the image an authority link, it is expected of you to use part of your keywords or your keyword as your alt.

Once someone search about that keyword it brings your image up linking to your blog content.

Most times I just go to google and search then switch to image, reason for that is because I don’t want to read all the articles topic options brought up by google.

Reason is that most of them don’t have answers to my question as we now have useless bloggers.

But once I check the image section of google search engine, I can easily tell from the images which one will possibly have answer to my question mere looking at the image.

4. Structure Your Contents:

This is very vital, you don’t just write an article, add image and publish while expecting huge traffic.

You need to structure your content, you should have inbound links just as you can see on this article I have “Read also:” linking to another related article.

Also you need to make use of headings with their heading fonts, Example; h2, h3, h4 and so on.

Make sure your content does have headings and not too long contents under one heading likewise not too much text under one paragraph.

You also need to add outbound links like when I make mention of Google I linked the word to google website.

All these are not just done for doing sake, they are of great value and have their influence on the topic to rank higher.

Note: Don’t ever link your keyword as outbound link, E.g: If my keyword is google or in case it’s a long-tailed keyword and google is among.

I won’t need to link google as an outbound link.

5. Use Yoast Plugin:

Bloggers are always afraid of this plugin because they consider it as too complex.

Mind you, it is not complex, you only need to study it and you will discover its so easy to use.

Yoast helps bloggers on how to structure their contents properly, once you are making a mistake on the content Yoast indicates with a red dot.

This red dot tells you what to do to make it properly done and immediately you effect that the red dot disappears. Isn’t that cool?

If you are missing anything Yoast tells you, you might have forgotten to alt your images Yoast will indicate you need to alt it.

It helps in restructuring of your content to enable a good readability and also SEO, you can see by your publish box if your SEO and Readability are green.

Once you have both greened out then your content is perfect.

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With the above mentioned points/tips when properly effected on your blog I assure you good SEO ranking withing two months.