7 Core Tips Of Unfailing Online Money Making


Doesn’t actually matter or important where you are, the profession you engage in, you can learn how to earn money online at your comfort zone with the 7 Core Tips Of Unfailing Online Money Making.

When your business is based on generating income online, you can access customers around the world that you do not even know.

Your products or services do not depend exclusively on how your country is economically, and sales are not limited to your working days.

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The best thing is that you can make money online from your residence, in your free time or, basically, from anywhere with a mobile device or computer.

For few years now, the world of traditional business has been totally transformed, likewise it’s difficult to find a prolific entrepreneur who has earned his fortune and who is not on the internet.

With diverse of alternatives to earn online, not only has the life of companies changed but also that of all people and, therefore, those of the labor market.

To earn money without the internet you need a job, but on the internet a job is not necessary.

The new reality is that there are a thousand and one ways to make money online without working for a company, and this is what this article is about.

Here are series of alternatives for you to earn money online, which require little or no investment/capital and will help you to carve a future in a constant and quite stable.

7 Core Tips Of Unfailing Online Money Making

1. Sell Your Photographs To Banks of Images.

Another method to get money online that never fails is to sell your photos to third parties: both companies and individuals.

Learn how to earn money by taking pictures on the internet there are many image banks that in exchange for a small fee.

They give you the possibility to upload your photos to their libraries so that other people can see them and buy them.

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So if you have a few interesting photos, do not hesitate to upload them and earn some cool money.

Among the most popular and trusted image banks are ShutterStock, iStock and Depositphotos.

2. Earn Money Online With Your Blog

Many people ask if it is possible to make money with a blog that you can create in less than 10 minutes. The short answer is “YES”.

How to make money online with your blog?

The first thing is to clarify that it is a process that takes time, effort and dedication and while it is something that takes less than 10 minutes and does not require technical knowledge.

If you do not have the constancy, or a long-term vision regarding your website, you will hardly be able to generate income on the internet.

Also note that you can operate your blog via mobile too should in-case you do not have enough money to purchase a PC.

Here are 6 practical alternatives to make money with your blog:
  1. Advertising network: This is the best known way by bloggers, but you need a lot of traffic to be profitable.The best known platforms are Google Adsense, Media.net, ADman Media, Content.ad, Taboola, among others.
  2. Promoted content: Consists of generating articles, videos or images that seek to promote a brand through content.
  3. Sell your physical or digital products: Depending on the theme/niche of your blog you can create ebooks, courses, physical books, mugs , or any product that you see that fits with your community.
  4. Sell advertising space on your site: Instead of working through an intermediary like an advertising network, you can sell advertising spaces directly to brands that have similar audiences.
  5. Personalized advice: While this way of making money online can not be automated, you can offer advice via Skype or Quora about the subject you dominate in your blog.
  6. Seminars and events: With so many tools available you can create digital events or webinars. To make it more complete you can partner with other bloggers and experts to create a more robust event.

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Nb: Little payment involve.
3. Paid Surveys
paid surveys

Surely this method seems surreal, but it is possible to make money online with paid surveys.

All companies need to do surveys to test their products, and it can be a good opportunity to get extra money : you will simply have to invest a few minutes of your life and fill out a survey.

Learn how to earn money by filling out surveys. In this case, very little is charged per survey but think about how many surveys you can fill in two or three hours and you can generate some income.

To start earning money doing surveys you can enter MySurvey, Opinion Center, Global Test Market, among others.

4. Make money with YouTube

youtube money making

One of the platforms that is giving more money to its users is YouTube.

This online video platform, although it modified its income policies , is a good alternative to earn money online for those who generate audiovisual content for advertising.

The income will depend on the number of visits you have and the people who follow you; The good thing is that you avoid intermediaries, so the money derived from advertising is almost complete for the user.

To get an idea of ​​the income that YouTube can generate, the Business Insider portal collected the 10 YouTubers that generated the highest revenues in 2016:

10. Colleen Ballinger: 5 million dollars
9. Rhett and Link: 5 million dollars
8. Germán Garmendia: 5.5 million dollars
7. Markiplier: 5.5 million dollars
6. Tyler Oakley: 6 million dollars
5. Rosanna Pansino: 6 million dollars
4. Smosh: 7 million dollars
3. Lilly Singh: 7.5 million dollars
2. Roman Atwood: 8 million dollars
1. PewDiePie: 15 million dollars
5. Offer Your Design Services at 99Designs

If you have design skills; Be it graphic, web, making illustrations, designing logos, shirts, or even book covers, you can offer you services on the 99Designs platform .

Basically this tool works as an intermediary which, through contests, you compete with other designers to win the client.

There are several levels, and the higher you are, the more income you get for each contest you win.

The difficult thing will be the beginning since few will know your work and with few reviews it can be difficult to get your first clients.

The solution for this is that you focus on a category and service, and become a reference.

6. Upload Files and Receive Small Passive Payments
upload for money

It seems unlikely that uploading files to the internet can earn money, but there are sites like Filebucks, Uploading and Sharecash, which every time someone downloads a file, they pay you a small fee.

You could say that this is the best example of passive income, because although you will not earn many dollars because the commission with cents, you do not have to do anything to generate such income.

7. Earn Money Online by Selling Your Tweets
earn while tweeting

The company PaidPerTweet allows its users to monetize their accounts in social networks, connecting influencers with brands.

The process begins when the brands want to launch a new campaign, product or service and through PaidPerTweet, look for users who are interested in giving visibility.

Depending on how many followers you have you define a price per tweet; This price may vary if you include links, images, videos, among others.

While you’re not going to become a millionaire , if you can generate an attractive income by posting on your social networks.