Trick to Reverse Airtel Data to Get Free Unlimited Data Bonus Daily


Airtel Reversal Trick is the special data package that enables you to reverse your data back to credit in case you have a reason not to subscribe.

This might be due to the fact that you made a mistake while subscribing or you wish to add more money so as to subscribe for higher data package.

In which ever angle you see this from, the most important thing to us is that we are after the data goodies and nothing more, though we have other enjoyment embedded in this.

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With this you can reverse your Airtel data bundle to enjoy more from your DOUBLE or TRIPLE data offer and it can even be more than 3GB per day.

The data is only on daily basis, you can keep reversing and enjoying all attached bonuses to your subscriptions.

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This is actually a trick on how to reverse your Airtel data bundle to enjoy more exclusive bundles from the network without their knowledge.

You can now reverse your Triple data offer or Double data offer to keep enjoying even more than 3GB on a daily basis, depending on your actual subscription.

This works on some old sim but I’ll advice you to get a new 4g Airtel sim card as it is the perfect one for this trick, mind you it works for 3g and 4g phones, but the most important thing is that the sim must be 4g.

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Now, grab your SIM and follow me in the activation of this trick I called, “Airtel Reversal.

How to Reverse Your Airtel Data Bundle

STEP 1: Firstly, get a new Airtel 4g SIM if then insert into your phone you should receive a congratulatory message that you are eligible for 100% data bonus.

airtel reverse

STEP 2: Now, dial *141# and purchase a data plan from Airtel, I recommend data plans of N1,000 and above. Please, buy data plans without night plans attached.

STEP 3: After that, make use of the data bonus, the one in bracket Bonus (Double Data): that would be given to you for triple or double data within 24 hours and do not touch the main data you purchased.

Mind you there are other bonus, don’t get tricked to use them as they might start deducting your main data, so only use the one in bracket.

STEP 4: Within 24 hours, kindly reverse the data by dialing *121*6#, select the amount of data you previously purchased that you want to reverse and then, your money will be restored back to you as credit.

airtel reversal

STEP 5: The next day, Subscribe with that reversed money again and you will be given another (Double data) bonus, use the data bonus within 24 hours and reverse again. Keep repeating this method.

I hope you have understand how to reverse your Airtel data bundle to enjoy more exclusive free bonus data on the network?

Kindly ask more questions on the area or step you don’t understand and I will assist you in the comment section below or via our Telegram Group. Thanks.