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You probably already have your list of the best extensions of Google Chrome, but in this post, we are going to reveal other fantastic extensions which you would love. After all, Chrome is the most widely used and most complete browser ever! And because it is the most downloaded, it has a multitude of extensions that help social media to develop its activities faster and more assertively.

Here at Hivamedia, we have our favorite extensions as well. They help us in many ways, from simply searching for emojis and content, or even analyzing the organic positioning of our site and optimizing our social media marketing strategies.

6 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media

Here’s a list of the 6 best extensions for Google Chrome we’ve got for you – all free. Know where to find them, how to install them, and how to remove them (after all, you may not like it, right ?!).

1. Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels

Although simple, Emoji Keyboard is one of the best extensions of Google Chrome for everyday social work. Especially here at Hivamedia, where we use emoji everywhere!

The main function of the Emoji Keyboard is to facilitate the search for emojis. To use the tool is very simple; you just have to install, look for the ideal emoji for your post, copy, and paste.

A major advantage of this extension is its constant update. You no longer have to hunt for the emoji you want on many different sites. Now all the emojis, including the latest releases, will be in one place!

2. Save to Facebook

Our second tool referral is Save To Facebook. Just by the name, it’s easy to understand its function. This extension is used to directly save to Facebook all the interesting things you find on the Internet.

You can archive videos, articles, and more. One tip is to save ideas for successful posts or marketing campaigns and use them to gain interesting insights when creating content for the brand. You can also share the files you have saved on the social network with your friends or on your own timeline.

3. App for Instagram with DM

Have you heard of App for Instagram with DM? With this tool, you can access all Insta functions from the desktop. That’s right, after installing this extension you will be able to view the Stories, the feed and best of all: reply or send DM from your computer.

4. Seo Minion

Our fourth extension indication for Google Chrome is Seo Minion. As its name implies, this tool has many SEO functions and is sure to help you optimize the organic positioning of a website.

With Seo Minion, you can analyze on-page SEO, view internal and external links, check broken links, and understand Google search results. All in real-time.

5. MozBar

MozBar is an essential tool for anyone who does SEO, especially when you need to review the authority of websites and pages of other brands.

Here at Hivamedia, we use MozBar to understand how our competitors optimize their SEO OnPage, view title, description, distribution of key terms and semantics in heading tags, as well as Page Authority and Domain Authority (Moz metrics that measure the authority to search engines).

If you are still not convinced to download this extension – which is almost impossible – it is worth remembering how analyzing the authority of websites is essential to make strategic partnerships in digital marketing. Use this tool to your advantage, visit the websites of future partners to find out how relevant they are on the Internet, as well as your competitors who are the reference in the market.

6. LanguageTool

Our last indication is special for the writers! The LanguageTool facilitates the process of proofreading, saving time, and preventing errors go unnoticed.

With this tool, you can check the text of any web page, from emails to posts on social networks, and you can still detect specific errors that other extensions cannot, such as incorrect use of “plus and but,” for example.

In addition, the Language Tool does the correction in over 25 languages, so if you have an international customer, or write for pages in another language, this extension is also very useful!

Where to Download Google Chrome Extensions?

All the Google Chrome extensions we mentioned above (and hundreds of others) you’ll find in the Chrome Web Store. To find the tools you want, just include the extension name or its purpose at the top left of the page in the “Search Store” field.

Now, if you don’t know the extension name and you want it, you can search by selecting features by category, or by searching by rank, the latter to see a list of the most suitable tools.

How to install and configure Google Chrome extensions?

Once you have found the desired extension, it is time to install the tool. This process is very intuitive, first, click the “use in Chrome” button located at the top right of the page.

This done, will open a message on the page, click “Add Extension.” Soon after, the installation process will begin. The upload will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Wait a few seconds for the extension to fully download.

After the upload is complete, a message will appear on the page. Close the alert and start using the extension. To use the extension is also very simple. All installed tools will be available on the Google Chrome browser side.

When you need to use one of these extensions already downloaded, just click on the desired tool, and it will open in the right part of your screen. Simple, isn’t it?

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How to remove Google Chrome extensions?

Too easy! There are only two steps to do this removal. Let’s show them to you.

First, go to the page you used to download the extension and click “Remove from Google Chrome.” You can also right-click the logo of the tool that is located next to the search engine and choose “Remove from Chrome.”

After this process, a message will open on your page. Click on “Remove,” and you’re done!

Now that you know the best Google Chrome extensions, how about finding out more tips on other digital marketing tools and strategies? Keep following our blog. The Hivamedia team is always up to date and ready to help you rock the social networks.