Best Horoscope Apps: Top 7 Selections for Android and iPhone


If you like to consult horoscopes and are always looking to check the stars’ predictions for your life, then you should get any of the best horoscope apps listed below.

The App Store and Google Play platforms are packed with a variety of apps, with a variety of features including apps to view your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope, and much more about your astral map and identity.

And since there are many options for applications to consult horoscopes, we at Hivamedia try to select the best and most reliable applications among many. So you can check your horoscope for free, easy and fast with your smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Check out!

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Best Horoscope apps on Android and iPhone

1. My Horoscope

My Horoscope

Download My Horoscope

My Horoscope iOs

This is a free horoscope application, available for download on the App Store and Google Play, so you have the horoscope predictions straight on your smartphone’s screen.

To access the information, it is enough that your cell phone is connected to the internet and so check the updates in real time – made by an expert in Astrology.

Check out all about your sign and ascendant, from yesterday, today and tomorrow in the My Horoscope app, designed to provide accurate data of what the stars reserve for you.

The application has an uncomplicated, simple but complete and visually beautiful platform. As soon as you download the app and make your login, you will have to register your sign, and then the My Horoscope application already shows which deanato you belong, favoring the accuracy in the queries.

You can still view your year summary in addition to detailed daily forecasts; it is also possible to configure the platform in its own way by changing the font size, daily notifications, language and information sharing, for example.

2. Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

Download Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope iOs

The next horoscope app is the Daily Horoscope, available for Android and iPhone smartphones – being one of the most downloaded horoscope apps on both platforms – the tool offers complete information on your astral predictions.

In the Daily Horoscope application, you can check updated information about your sign, being daily, weekly or monthly, as you prefer. You can still check the characteristics of your sign and if you want, the percentage of compatibility between them.

In addition to information on all the signs of the zodiac, the Daily Horoscope application also brings the updated horoscope alternative to 2019, for those who seek a differentiated approach – in this, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Chinese calendar.

Want to know more? This app also offers the Druid horoscope option, but an interesting approach to get to know more about its characteristics and personality.

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With the bonus of a complete platform, beautiful and easy access; you will have no problem checking the information you are looking for, everything about your horoscope, whenever and wherever you want.

3. Horoscopo João Bidu

Horoscope Joao Bidu

Download Horoscope JoaoHoroscope joao iOs

Created by astrologer João Bidu, this horoscope app offers complete information about what the stars reserve for their day, week, month, and year.

Among the features of the Joao Bidu Horoscope application, the main ones include predictions, profile, combinations, and numerology, distributed in tabs, so that it is easier for you to locate and accurately predict.

In numerology, you can quickly calculate and discover your number by its name. In the combinations tab, you can check which sign matches more with your or the signs that may not be so favorable, for example.

A bonus of this app is that it is very light, favoring non-interference in the quality of the processing of your smartphone – be it green robozinho or iOS. It’s a free horoscope app and offers complete tools to let you keep track of all the predictions for your future.

4. Daily Horoscope App 2019

Daily Horoscope App 2019

Daily Horoscope App 2019 iOs

For those who have iPhone and want to stay within all the predictions for their sign, the Daily Horoscope application available in the App Store is the perfect option.

In the very words of the creators of the app, this Daily Horoscope app can be your compass to navigate through life. Comprehensive information on all twelve zodiac signs, quickly and easily on your iOS smartphone.

For those who enjoy daily information, this horoscope app is in charge of sending daily notifications on your cell phone, so you do not lose any details of the stars’ plans for you.

According to the developers of the 2019 Daily Horoscope App for iPhone, the main features include:

– Your Daily Horoscope for today and tomorrow;
– Weekly Horoscope;
– Compatibility of your Horoscope;
– Your Horoscope in love;
– Your Horoscope at work;
– Your Health Horoscope;
– Your lucky numbers for today;
– Signs that you will love and hate today.

5. Your Daily Horoscope

Your daily horoscope

Download Horoscope Joao

Now a horoscope app for Android phones, your Daily Horoscope offers complete, detailed and accurate information about what the stars reserve for you.

It is a very simple but super effective application for you to check the details of your horoscope for free, fulfilling 100% to carry out the tasks that it proposes.

According to the developers of the platform, with the app Your Daily Horoscope for Android, you have access to:

– Daily horoscope for your sign;
– Love horoscope for your sign;
– Health horoscope for your sign;
– Money horoscope for your sign;
– Work horoscope for your sign;
– Your lucky number and color every day.

The platform is super uncomplicated and easy to understand, making it easy to know the updates to your sign and the like, the look is also super intuitive and beautiful, favoring navigation and immersion when “consulting your future.”

6. My Horoscope of the Day

Free Horoscope

Download Free Horoscope

Free Horoscope iOs

Available on the App Store and Google Play platforms, My Horoscope of the Day is another great tool to stay on top of all that is expected of your astrological sign and identity.

My Horoscope of the Day already earns points for its beautiful and vivid design; it offers a visual platform that leaves your queries more engaging, with total precision and detail.

This is a horoscope application that can be downloaded for free and straight from your smartphone will have a full team of expert professionals to offer the best information about your financial, loving, professional life and your mood.

In the app, according to the developers themselves, it is possible to consult:

– Horoscope of the day, tomorrow and the next day (with offline access for a smartphone);
– Monthly horoscope;
– Annual horoscope for 2019-2020;
– Profile of the 12 signs of the Zodiac;
– Profile of the 4 elements of the Zodiac;
– Free Tarot Reading.

7. Sun Signs Horoscope & Astrology

Sun Signs

Download Sun Signs

Sun signs iOs

An astral guide straight from your cell phone, the Sun Signs Horoscope & Astrology is a free application to stay on top of everything about your horoscope. Guaranteeing information about love, career, money, health, among others.

In the Sun Signs Horoscope & Astrology application, you can check the characteristics of all twelve zodiac signs whenever you want, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly updates.

The app even offers free astrology games, among them Magic Ball 8 and Magic Love Ball – where you just have to shake your smartphone to have instant answers to any question, whether or not related to life and love.

Sun Signs Horoscope & Astrology also features tarot readings, detailed information that seeks to help you better interpret the events of your daily life.

According to the developers of the Sun Signs Horoscope & Astrology app, these are some more of their functionality:

– Comprehensive and complete horoscopes;
– Free “Day Card” for all users – including keywords you should focus on and astrological matching for certain zodiac signs;
– Free Love Match readings for all signs. And much more!