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Bobrisky the Young Guy that Transformed Into a Girl


Bobrisky the Young Guy that Transformed Into a Girl

Who is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky is a Nigeria dude, born as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky is known from his childhood as one of the children that love mimicking the female gender.

However, he later achieves it by transforming himself into an opposite gender. Not only that, he claims to be a gay in public.

This bae is very popular in snapchat, if you are very active on snapchat you would have come across this young dude.

The funniest part of his story was just about the transformation. Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju popularly known as bobrisky was a dark guy from onset which later transforms himself to snow white.

The main reason for this is for business purpose. This young dude has gotten many haters and critics never stop on his social media pages but he never counts them.

Though, he is also getting supporters those that love what he is doing. Everyone claim that he is nothing but gay because he never stops mentioning his boyfriend who has been helping him financially. Moreover, On Snapchat, bobrisky has dominated everywhere for over many months now.

His page views keep increasing on a daily basis as people want to know the mystery behind his transformation. This has been his business strategy.

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Recently he claimed to meet his new bae, he claims him to be the fourth richest man in Africa. He also claims that the bae gave him a Benz and also compensate him with N7 million.

Though many people couldn’t believe it he cashes it out and displays it on his snapchat page. He said bae is also planning to get him a house that is close to Linda Ikeji at Banana Island.

Who did Bobrisky regard as bae? Don’t be surprised that he is talking about his male lover. Bobrisky is popularly known to be a fashionista, he likes to do oral sex through chat and also post rubbish stuff.

Notwithstanding, he has many fans and they love him as the way he claims to be. Truth be told, Bobrisky is a gay which is glaring to everyone, he was arrested but later released him.

Bobrisky Hivamedia


The web-based life busybody bought a 5-room duplex in the Lekki projection area of Lagos State and he held a party there.

He took to his Snapchat to parade the various portions of his home, revealing that it took him about N12 million to fully equip and configure everything within his house.

On one occasion, Bobrisky self-articulated his aggregate resources and he brags of having N40 million out of two of his dynamic budgetary adjusts and still pushing and pressing to twist up an extremely rich individual before the age of 30. He similarly said his helpful store has the net worth of N30 million.


This girly guy was raised from a polygamous family as his father get married to only 3 wives. However, the celebrity in question is known as the youngest of all, he was born in the year 1992.

He started hustling to feed himself after he turned sixteen years old. When he was a child, his mother usually beat him due to his feminine attitude.

It has been his personality from his childhood to mimic feminine which eventually results in his transformation into what he becomes.

With no doubt, bobrisky hustle for him to get money for the transformation. The girly guy in question was once a choreographer.

He taught different dances while he was in the University of Lagos and he earned money as he was doing this. He has a good sense of fashion and also sells cloth while he was in school.


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