Earn N10,000+ For Free With GoMoney


We’ve got a new referral program for you guys, as it’s our tradition to always bring you latest updates in the world of freebies.

Few weeks ago we published about JumiaOne which it still blazing as I personally have earned over #200,000 on it and still counting.

The most interesting part of all these apps we publish here is that, you can’t loose, even if you have nobody to refer you still have your money to your bank account or for you to buy airtime.

I bring to you another App which is GoMoney. Here you can earn as much as you like because there is no limit to earnings, the more your referrals the more you earn.

This is 100% legit and also you are not spending a dime as your money is within your reach.

GoMoney is a standalone Bank (mobile banking app), just like your physical bank. With GoMoney, you can transfer money, request money, split tabs to ease costs and the good thing is that, they also have a REFERRAL PROGRAM.

In this post, I will be teaching you on how to make use of GoMoney as they are in their Beta stage. We just want to eat from the big fish as soon as possible.

Now lets go straight to the point without wasting our time.

How Does GoMoney Referral Program Work?

This is as simple as ABC, you need not to be tensed as I know when it gets to money some people cant hold their breath, lol.

As a new user, you have to fund your account with just N1,000 which you can withdraw back immediately into your Bank account or use it to purchase data or airtime. Isn’t that interesting? There’s more, kindly read on.

If you refer someone to GoMoney app, the person is required to use your referral code (which is your phone number), and if the person funds his/her account with N1,000, you will get N500 as your referral bonus.

Your referred friend can also immediately withdraw his money if he or she wishes and it’s an instant transaction without delay.

Due to transaction charges, he or she will be able to withdraw back N992 only.

In a nutshell, you were only charged about N7 for account activation instead of the N1000 that would have chased you away some minutes ago lol 😂 .

Let me expanciate a little for more clarification on how GoMoney works;

If i refer you to GoMoney app and you deposited N1000 to the app, I will be credited with N500 for referring you. You can later withdraw your initial deposit or referral bonus straight to your bank account or use it to purchase data or airtime.

Let’s do a quick math, if you referred 20 people to the app and they all deposited N1000 to their account, you will get a whopping N10,000 as your referral bonus.

How To Register On GoMoney App

STEP 1: Download GoMoney App from here

STEP 2: Enter your mobile number for registration and a six-digit code will be sent to you to verify your account

STEP 3: Once done, input your email address and accept all terms and conditions.

STEP 4: Fill in all necessary details and input REFERRAL CODE. Use this number 07031209784 as your referral code, as shown below:

Note: Make sure you insert “07031209784″ as your Referral Code to get eligible and also, so we can both earn.

STEP 5: Now, input other necessary details

STEP 6: Once done, create a 4-digit unique code which will be required for any transaction.

STEP 7: Lastly, create your security questions and answers and you are done.

How To Withdraw Your Money On GoMoney App

This is a very easy step as i commend the developer of this app, it’s very easy to withdraw your funds from GoMoney app. All you have to do is to tap on Send Money. Choose your bank name then input your bank account details for instant withdrawal.

There’s no other way to withdraw. Gomoney only supports Nigerian bank transfer method. Hopefully, more options will be added in the nearest future.

How To Fund Or Deposit Money On GoMoney App

For you to deposit money, simply tap on the “FUND” button at the upper right side of the app. You can then choose to fund your GoMoney account from your bank or by using an ATM card option. (I used ATM card option). Simple as that.

If you want to refer anyone, kindly tell the person you are referring to input your phone number (the number you used in registration) as their referral code, so that they too can earn.

NOTE: The deposited N1,000 is for your GoMoney account activation. You are free to withdraw it back so that you can start referring and earning as well.

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