Fix Windows Shutting Down Or Hibernating During Heavy Gaming


It is always very annoying when playing games and suddenly Windows starts shutting down, it happens frequently, for gamers who have issue of Windows 10 Shutting Down Or Hibernating while playing games this is the fix.

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This Tutorial Is Of Two Types

1. Using thermal paste.

2. Power setting method.

Thermal Paste Method

  • Insert your CPU into its socket.
  • Squeeze out a dot of thermal paste into the center of your CPU.
  • The dot should be small as your thumb, or index finger.
  • Take your cooler/fan and press it on your CPU so that it spreads evenly.
  • Make sure not to apply too little paste.
  • If it’s excess you can wipe excess gently.
  • Once you are done couple back your CPU.

Second Method (Power Method)

Download open hardware monitor. Open core temperature in the drop down if your temperature exceeds 70degree Celsius or the CPU load is up to 100.

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  • Then click the battery icon on your PC, Click More power option and select “Balanced”.
  • Click “CHANGE” plan settings.
  • “RESTORE DEFAULT” and apply.
  • Change Advance Power settings, then processor power management, minimum processor state 5%.
  • System cooling policy (passive).
  • Processor state battery(90), plugged(80).
  • Then save and reboot.

Try this and whatever that is responsible for  Windows 10 Shutting Down Or Hibernating will be eliminated, you can then have a smooth game-play.