Forced to Withdraw from an ATM by a Thief? Use This Safe Trick


Forced to withdraw from an ATM by a thief? Use this safe trick I am about to explain to you, most people never knew.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are very handy for getting quick cash at your convenience, due to this crooks do find ways to take advantage of this.

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Lack of adequate orientation from our Government and the police is the cause why most people fall victim of this.

Even our bank ATM issuer doesn’t inform us about this tip, it is so unfortunate we are ignorant of this.

What to do when forced to withdraw  from ATM by a thief?

Whenever you are being forced to withdraw money from an ATM machine by a robber you can notify the police and the bank security operatives by entering your PIN # in reverse.

For example, if your pin number is “1234”, then you would  have to put in “4321”, the ATM Machine would dispense the cash, and at the same time get the security officials alerted.

Curiosity Kills, Don’t View if You’ve Got no Balls or Guts.

Please and please, “Do not argue or resist”, we never can tell possibly the criminal is armed. You still have many things to do with your precious life.

Also try as much as possible to memories their description in case the police refuses to  show up.

This will help in further investigations with the help of CCTV cameras and the ATM spy cam in that region.