Generation Of Leads: How To Generate New Conversions?


Generating leads is one step of Inbound Marketing. The main goal of the strategy is to use the digital medium to attract people to your business.

It occurs through tactics aimed at providing educational content to attract purchase opportunities through its online channels.

But for that to happen, it is not enough just to have a website. Follow it to the end and understand once and for all what leads are, what their importance is, and how to generate it.

What are leads, and what is their importance?

Leads are potential buyers of your business or service. They are indeed real people who have shown some kind of interest in what you offer.

For the digital medium, a lead needs to come through some interaction on your blog or website.

Thus, informing some kind of data to be used to contact it, such as name, email, and/or telephone.

For your lead generation strategies to get positive results, the first step is to know who is looking for you. You need to know more details about that person so that you can define yourself.

‘Lead’ is the second step of the sales funnel, as you can see in the image below:

leads conversion


The first step in generating leads is to know the audience that has an interest in your product or service.

Thus, it is necessary to delimit and group features in common, going beyond a simple target audience.

The purpose is to delimit features that its client base has in common to understand and supply the needs of these leads.

Data that are important for the definition of your persona: desires, fears, dreams, goals, hobbies, interests, family relationship, preferences, salary range.

The more detail you have, the better. It is a representation of your audience, your potential customer.

If you have questions about how to establish yourself, I recommend this blog post here.

Knowing the interest of your audience enters the basic strategy of Inbound Marketing: Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

It comes as a strategy to generate and rank specific Google content of your interest. The intention is to be relevant according to the needs and desires of your network of customers and potential customers. The goal is to attract these people to you.

It is not interesting to attract anyone. It is necessary to establish all your strategy aimed at a lead generation with the potential consumption of your products.

These should be attracted. The benefit of this is the reduction of your investment because it will direct the funds properly.

That is why it is essential to be aware of your persona because this content must be relevant to it. It is a strategy to help solve a problem.

To better understand, let’s assume that you have a business aimed at selling photographic equipment. To implement the Content Marketing strategy, you must create a blog where you will be able to provide content focused on general photography tips.

Agree with me that you have no interest in attracting visitors who do not like to record photos, right?

The profile you want interacting with you in the digital environment is more adept at the new one, who appreciates photo-oriented social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, does not he?

The same goes for the published content. Your persona is searching for content related to photography.

Sports-oriented content is not necessarily your focus. So it is no use investing in the production of such content since it is not the main interest.

As a suggestion of interesting content themes for such an example: How to take the perfect selfie; Know all the secrets about angles and lighting; 5 best photo editors for Android and iOS; The best filters, among others.

Now that you have notions about the persona and content aimed at it. Understand the importance of a channel to publish content for lead generation.

Create a blog

It is possible to implement a content marketing strategy in different online media. You can craft content types for your website, blog, social network, and more.

The blog is a great way to spread your content. This is because it is the sole means of communicating with your audience.

But there is one thing: producing content is not enough.

Generating Leads With SEO Rules

The competition to appear in Google’s early results is immense. There are thousands of content already published since the creation of the research vehicle in 1998.

Mainly with the expansion and consolidation of the digital market. So I say again: producing relevant content is not enough. Whether appropriate or not, the internet is full of content.

In order to highlight important content, and to reduce the visibility of irrelevant content, Google has developed rules for those interested in appearing in the first results.

These rules are a set of techniques aimed at optimizing websites, blogs, and web pages. These optimizations aim to achieve good organic rankings by generating traffic and authority for a website or blog.

This strategy is essential for your company to gain prominence, visibility in the digital world and, consequently, more leads, customers, and billing for your business.

Be on the front page to generate more leads

Appearing in any position on the first page is important, but not enough. The result of the study articulated by the company Advanced Web Ranking pointed out that the majority of clicks are in the first results.

The survey points out that about 34% of clicks go to Google’s top organic ranking; second place 19% and third place, 12% of clicks. This way if you want the prominence and digital presence, the key is to be in the first place of Google.