Get Free Daily Airtime, Data and Free Cash Awoof On JumiaOne App


Few days ago we posted about how to earn free data and credits which am sure most people are unaware of, JumiaOne is what it’s all about.

We’ve posted this in our telegram group and channel and seems no one was left out, so far I personally have earned over N85,000 on this app.


It is unbelievable until I tried it and I recommend it to you, that’s my first earning with the JumiaOne app.

This isn’t the only app i use to get legit free data or airtime, i also published about “New Method to Get Free Mobile Data on Any Network” which is also another means.

I can’t really remember the last time i used my hard earned money to purchase airtime or data subscription.

The most interesting part is, no loss, no investment and so far Jumia has been so truthful about this, unlike some other apps that only works for few days with selected people.

I’ll be teaching you how to earn on JumiaOne and how to convert it to data or airtime, also if you want to convert it to real cash into your bank account I’ll highlight the steps to take on that.

Jumia recharge promo 100% real you can make unmetered amount of money on it, no cheating in this.

Firstly you’ll get #1000 cash on recharge of #200 it’s real not fluke, you can try this out, am sure N200 isn’t a problem.

Afterward you are to refer friends and get #1000 for each referral, yea you heard me right.

This is the part I love most, especially if you have lots of friends, your family members, school mates and so on.

If you own a group either on WhatsApp or Telegram then let me congratulate you because you are already a millionaire.

How to Earn on JumiaOne App

Follow this process carefully to earn on JumiaOne app, this is what you’ve been waiting for, so no dulling.

  1. Download, Install the JumiaOne app Here [DOWNLOAD LINK].
  2. Register on the app with your email address (gmail precisely), then also your real phone number.
  3. Immediately after successful registration, do not exit the app, login and buy Airtime of N200 via the app with your ATM card(don’t worry you are safe).
  4. Choose the mobile number you wish to send the airtime to plus the amount, you can buy a minimum of 200 Naira or more if you wish.
  5. Select your preferred network, input the number to purchase.
  6. Scroll down you will see an link for Voucher code, input this (WELCOME20) and proceed.
  7. Select payment method, Credit card is recommended (ATM Card), for faster transaction.
  8. Input your card details and proceed, at a point you will need to verify your mobile phone number, that’s the basic requirement for earning the cash back reward.
  9. When finalizing your payment an OTP will be sent to your mobile number for verification, soon as the transaction is completed you will be issued your 4% cash back reward instantly.
  10. Now Click on the Invite button to share your invitation link with friends via WhatsApp , Facebook or any other social media.
  11. Now await your N1000, for every successful sign up via your invitation link.

All you have to do to earn well with this app is to explain properly to your invited pals the process as I’ve explained to u.

To get up to N20000 or N80,000 you need to invite more of persons to download and install the jumia one app.

The more you invite the more you get, also if you have more ATM card just clear the data of the app, place your referral code in your address bar then it will automatically open the app.

Then you can use your second ATM, with this you get N1000 on your main account as you have referred yourself.

How to Convert Your Earnings to Real Cash

You can convert your money into real cash easily by following this process.

  1. Visit this data site and register.
  2. You then have to sell your Airtime to them.
  3. You will instantly be credited on your dashboard after successfully selling your credit.
  4. On your dashboard menu you will see a link to withdraw your money directly to your bank account.

Most people has turned this to their daily Job, and as it is we never can tell; possible Jumia close this offer.

So take advantage of it on time, am sure you will enjoy this while it last

Note: You must buy Airtime of at least N200 before sharing your referral link for the first time to qualify for the 1000 cash reward.

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