How to add Music on Instagram Stories – Easy Steps


How to add music on Instagram Stories? The question that everybody wants to hear! After all, everyone likes music, isn’t it?

Music has the power to transform moments, brighten life, and bring the most diverse emotions to mind. Precisely because of this, this feature can make your posts and stories even more engaging. No wonder Instagram Stories has brought this feature to network users!

In this post, we will teach you, step by step, how to add music on Instagram Stories. Enjoy to learn and be inspired!

How to add music on Instagram Stories?

To unleash the dreamer, in images or videos, in your Stories, open the app and click the photo icon in the upper left corner to open the Story.

Take a photo, record a video, or select a file from the gallery. Once done, select the “stickers” or “stickers” button in the upper right corner and tap the “Music” option.

Music on Instagram Stories 1

Choose the song you want to post. You can choose the song manually in the “Search” field, or by the categories “Popular,” “Moods,” and “Genres.”

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Once you’ve selected the song, you have options for editing the snippet you want to publish, as well as inserting the lyrics in the post. That done, just select “Publish.”

Music on Instagram Stories 2

Ready! Your Story will appear with the song playing automatically for users. They can tap on the song’s sticker, or lyrics to see more information about the audio, including going to the artist’s profile or selecting the quick shortcut to use the same song in their Stories.

Instagram also lets you choose the song snippet and add effects – before you shoot the video, or take the picture! In this case, just choose the item “Music” from the bottom menu, next to formats like “Live” and “Boomerang” and select the song you want to post.

Once you’ve chosen the song, touch the icon in the lower right corner to select exactly the song you want to post. You can also add effects to your photo or video by simply selecting one of the available effect icons: “Pulse,” “Glow,” “Vintage,” “VCR” and “Glitch.”


Ready! Now just push the button and record the video or take the photo with the song and the effect you choose.

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