How to Change Your Nickname on YouTube – [Step by Step Guide]


There are a lot of people once using the Nickname you chose many years ago on YouTube; you must be searching for How to Change Your Nickname on YouTube.

That is why am writing this post to guide you on the step by step method to change your YouTube nickname or username.

Common for you to see men and women made with little angel-type names, lyndynha99, or strange names defined when one was old enough to do so.

Although this option is still only available to US users, very soon all users in other locations will be able to change their YouTube nickname (username) with ease, and with the option to use the Google+ profile on their channel.

Choose your ultimate identity and show up on Google services with a decent image and photo!

How to Change Your Nickname on YouTube

First, you’ll need to set your name in your YouTube profile preferences. Let’s say your name is currently a YouTube user. Something like joeysam87, in the case of the example given by the official blog.

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Now you can assume the name Joey Samson, which is the full name that appears on your Google+ profile (with a real space between first and last name!), And your photo will also be updated with that of your profile. Look:

YouTube A

Once you’ve set the name, you can review the things you’ve posted in the past. Comments clich├ęs or fanatics who can leave anyone grown up with shame are good examples.

Just click on “Review my content” to see every comment you’ve made on videos or playlists out there.

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If you don’t want your name in full published to Google, you can continue to use your current YouTube nickname or username. Just click, “I do not want to use my full name” when you see this option on the screen.

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With these easy steps am sure I’ve provided enough details on how to change your nickname on YouTube.