How to Create your Brand Stickers for Instagram


Launched in 2017 with a clear inspiration in Snapchat’s geofilters, Instagram stickers have become increasingly interactive and valuable.

They are interesting not only for the joke among users but also for brands who learn how to make better use of them.

Instagram stickers have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. You must have noticed that in the Stories, right? And you must have realized, too, that some brands create stickers for fans to share in their publications.

In this post, I will tell you how to create your brand stickers for Instagram. You will also get to know the best practices so that they fall in the taste of your audience!

Step by step to create your brand stickers for Instagram

Although it seems complex, it is quite simple to create and release the stickers of your brand/company to use. After all, they are nothing more than GIFs with transparent background.

If you have not already, the first step is to create your GIPHY for brands and artists. From it, you can begin your process to have a verified account.

This is one of the basic requirements to have your GIFs and stickers public and indexable in service searches such as Instagram and Facebook.

Within this first step, we have some elements that can help speed up the process. It normally take up to 4 to 5 business days, on average, to clear the account and the first stickers.


Your GIPHY username should be the name of your business, with no special characters and numbers, or the user you usually use on your pages.

Display Name

This is the name displayed when you visit your page. In case of artists, it’s worth the name, okay?

Choose your name with a lot of attention and planning because if you need to change, you then need to contact the platform support for approval!

Email Address

Trademarks must use a corporate email address at the time of registration. For example:

Web site

Branding applications require the completion of this field with a functioning website. Thus, the analysis team can verify that it is an existing company and validate your application. In this field, social media profiles are not worth seeing?

Social Links

Put the URL of your best digital presence in social media – be it the page with the most followers or with more engagement and number of posts. If you have a verified page, it counts more points for GIPHY.

Also, we also recommend uploading at least 5 GIFs or stickers at the time of registration. Always upload as Public and with G rating, a kind of “age rating” that informs GIPHY that all contents can be easily accessed by all ages.

If it is not, just move the mouse between the ratings and identify what best applies to your content.

If your application does not have an answer – it will come by email, so keep an eye on the box! (I.e., use your best English or Google Translate and send a message to support via the contact form.

Good practices for GIFS and Instagram stickers

It is strongly recommended to restrict your GIF to a maximum of 6 seconds in length, with 8 MB or less in size and 480p resolution.

The grace of the stickers is movement, and for that, the rule is clear: the more excited, the better. Static stickers will not be approved.

The difference between GIF and sticker is the transparent background. Therefore, at least 20% of the first frame needs to be transparent to be registered as one. Otherwise, it will be considered a GIF.

For stickers, the file must always be a GIF. GIFs can be imported into video formats if you upload and customize them by the GIPHY editor. In it, you choose the duration; you can write and even use some effects.

Did this tip help you? Share with us in the comments the GIFs of your company or how to find your stickers on Instagram