How to Double Mtn and Airtel Data 100% Subscription


With the new development we discovered Mtn at the cost of upgrading their server has cut short our 1.2gig data for N150.

It is such a sad thing as most of us depend on this cheap data.

Nevertheless we also find a way to make life easier for our members here by using a tweak of IMEI to get double of all data purchase.

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This method works for Mtn and Airtel so we will make it more easier for you. We do this by tweaking to this code (3568620905******).

Without wasting much of our time let’s go strait to business.

Hivamedia will always provide you free analyzed IMEI to use via our telegram channel and also on the telegram group so join us with the below link.

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How to Double Mtn and Airtel Data 100% Subscription

1. Install MTK Engineering Mode app on PlayStore.

2. Install IMEI analyzer also on PlayStore.

Watch the below video to follow us step by step, the video carefully illustrate how to make this happen step by step.

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Note: Once you change your imei, you get a double of any data you purchase for good three months, after that you can then change it to a new IMEI again.

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