How To Fix Phone Turning off Itself Randomly


Annoying when you discovered your mobile phone gets hot most times or lags a lot, the crazy part is when you pick up your phone and discovered its off.

This started all of a sudden with my phone turning off itself randomly and I almost got mad , thinking it just happened but within a day it switches off more than 12 times.

I recalled an app I installed two days ago which is still the lastly installed app on my phone, can this be the reason why my phone is turning off randomly?

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I think that’s the reason and I never doubted because I know the possible damage such app can pose on a phone because my phone is rooted and also the app requires root access.

All I did was to increase my ram with Roesoft Ram Expander, I used it and I love the way it worked.

But what I discovered was that after I switched off and on my phone it started misbehaving.

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Then I thought of flashing my phone at first but I decided to try other available methods maybe I can get it fixed of which am happy to tell you it worked without flashing my phone.

Whenever an app causes software instability the phone powers itself off, this is the case of the app I installed of which am going list how to fix it.

How To Fix Phone Turning off Itself Randomly

Method 1:

Boot to recovery then select and clear Dalvic/Art and Cache.

Method 2:

With the help of a flashtool you need to flash Preloader, Secro and System from your phone firmware (All your apps and settings will be intact).