How to Get 9mobile (Etisalat) 2gig Data for N500 and 2.5gig for N700


Etisalat (9mobile) launched a data package of 2gig at N500 and 2.5gig at N700, but the issue with this package is that it can’t be used to browse neither does it works for other apps.

The data package is only useful for chatting which makes it stale for massive data users and high end smartphone users.

We found a loop hole and we’ve decided to make it public, you can now use the 2gig or 2.5gig chat subscription just as your normal data subscription.

You can browse any website with any browser, likewise it works for every apps you run on your smartphone, Isn’t that cool?

We have Anonytun settings to enable us make use of the chat data as normal data without glitch or disconnection.

This simply means you will be able to browse and download with it, also you can tether to your PC.

How To Configure Anonytun VPN

Firtsly, you have to download AnonyTun VPN app from your App store [PlayStore] or search google for your choice.

etisalat anonytun trick

  1. For 2GB at N500 – Dial *200*3*3*3*1#
  2. For 2.5GB at N700 – Dial*200*3*3*3*2#
  3. Now launch the AnonyTun VPN App
  4. Tap On Settings at the top right corner of the app interface.
  5. Toggle ON Stealth Tunnel
  6. Set Connection Protocol To HTTP
  7. Then Port To 3128 Or 8080
  8. Tap on Payload
  9. Tap On Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header
  10. Under URL/Host, input:
  11. Set Request Method To POST
  12. In Extra Headers, tick Online Host, Forward Host And Keep-Alive then tap on Save.

Lastly, tap on Start and wait for it to Connect, you should be connected withing few seconds and now you can enjoy your surfing.

Should in case you encounter any issue kindly message us on our telegram group for instant help.