Instagram is the social network of the moment, is frequently present in our day to day. Whether for personal or business users, we can not deny the success of the platform. If you got here, you probably want to win followers on Instagram, win likes and increase your engagement, right?

It is possible, yes, to improve your engagement and it is not so complicated, you see? Follow my instructions and you can gain real followers!

Instagram is the fastest growing social network!

Much of the business market has already joined and is present on Instagram. According to a Content Trends survey of 2019, Instagram has about 400 million active users every day and will eventually have billions of users.

It is the fastest growing social network and the second most used by Brazilian companies, second only to Facebook.

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Soon, that reality will change, taking into account that between 2018 and 2019, Instagram grew its users by 3.1%, while Facebook lost 5.4% of its users. It’s only a matter of time for Instagram to overtake Facebook.

Has your engagement fallen?

We already understand how important this social network is, now let’s talk about a problem that we have been facing lately: The fall of engagement! One reason is the new updates that are now part of the platform, recently added.

Without disclosing many details, the company now selects more carefully for who will be shown its content.

It is popular knowledge that when you post something on the platform, your post is shown to only 10% of your followers if you do perform well and engage your audience, Instagram shows your post to the other 90%.

If you need your post to be seen by more people, you will have to pay and invest in Instagram Ads. Unfortunately, spending money on social networks is a reality that most Internet users do not understand.

What are the consequences of this for us? In general, we all noticed the drop in the number of likes, comments, and engagement.

As a metric of vanity, the situation brings up a feeling of frustration, especially for those who work with social networks. As a sales strategy, companies are losing money, and top prospecting opportunities in the sales funnel.

Do you have a business profile or personal profile?

As Instagram has become a social network as commercial as personal, it is very common to find many companies on the platform.

It does not matter if you are here to improve your business or personal profile. After all, the tips I’ll give next, cater to both types of profiles.

However, I guarantee that after this reading, you will improve the quality of the content you deliver to your followers.

Enough of curling and let’s do it!

Thinking about all the issues that keep us from having a profile on Instagram, I have seven tips that will get you through the new platform algorithm to increase your reach, reach more people, increase the number of likes in your posts and your rate of prospection.

As the tips are applied, the difference will be noticed instantly. Then follow the instructions below and improve your profile!

7 Tips to Improve Your Reach on Instagram

Do not edit your caption within 24 hours

It is very common to err during the creation of a publication. People post their content in the feed, and soon after they perceive an error in the caption, it is more recurrent than it appears.

If this happens to you, do not delete the publication or edit your caption within 24 hours as this significantly reduces your reach.

Use up to five hashtags

Using hashtags is imperative! In Instagram, there is the option to follow hashtags, where everyone who follows a hashtag x receives in the feed the posts that are signed with it.

Well, many fall into the myth that the larger the number of hashtags in your publication, the greater the reach.

And this is a serious mistake, Instagram itself considers spam as your post and greatly reduces the reach of a publication with multiple hashtags.

In detail, we must take into account that the hashtags written in comments no longer appear in the search results due to the recent update, so they are useless do not waste time commenting on hashtags in your post.

Do not use hashtags with a high number of followers

The rationale for this step is obvious, but not everyone realizes it. A hashtag with a high number of followers, in theory, covers a larger audience, but the number of people posting using the hashtag is also high. Avoid the most commonly used hashtags.

As a consequence, its publication is lost among so many others. When choosing a hashtag, choose one with an average number of followers. So your post will not get lost in a feed with numerous posts.

Reply to your comments in up to 60 minutes

It is important that you reply to your comments within an hour. Otherwise, the visibility of your post drops gradually.

The faster the comments are answered, the more engagement is increased. Instagram considers postings interactions as an important aspect of increasing reach. Watch your notifications.

Make comments with 4 words or more

Interactions in publications are one of the new criteria used by Instagram. The interactions you make in your feed directly influence your engagement.

Enjoy and comment on publications to increase your reach. Watch out for the comments you will make.

Comments with less than four words or only with emojis are considered as spam or bots by the platform.

So do not quit commenting on all the posts in the feed thinking it will increase your reach. Primordially appreciate the humanization of your profile, make real comments and aggregators.

Instagram Stories Abuse

Stories are currently the most engaging tool on Instagram. Post every day in the Stories, keep a frequency.

Show your daily life as humanly as possible. People identify with things that are within their reality.

If you are a company, consider your personas to create content, but if it is a personal profile, do not be ashamed to show who you really are.

Explore Stories features

Take advantage of Stories’ maximum features, polls, questions, and the newest “Test.” Undeniably these functions stimulate clicks, and it is they that can change the direction of your profile.

So the more clicks and interactions you stimulate and produce, the more your profile becomes relevant.

Therefore, your posts will appear to more people in the feed, and your engagement will be better.

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Be sure to apply all these changes I’ve suggested to make sure your publications perform better.

Certainly, these tips are not miraculous; engagement is something to be built. As you apply the tips, the changes will come. So your profile will grow gradually, win followers, and tanned on Instagram.

Remember always to be careful with your login information, the Instagram password, be careful not to be a victim of hackers!

You will soon have a success profile on Instagram!

So, did you like the tips? How about following more content from us and also help sharing this?

And now that you know how to increase the engagement of your Instagram, you can venture into the world of content marketing and learn how to make money in the digital world!