How to put an end to freezing on your PC


Do you stumble over this post because your Pc usually face the Blue Screen Of Death almost every day? Com’on don’t let your Pc frustrate you.

Hivamedia is there to put an end to this mess.

PC freezing is one of the frustrating things ever and I will never pray to find my PC doing this shit.

The first and important thing you should do whenever your PC starts acting up is to create a backup of your personal data.

However, never waste your time trying to fix the mess.

Just make a backup, It is better to log to Safe Mode whenever you wanted to perform the backup.

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That would also be a first step in troubleshooting because it will make your PC stable.

Here are the ways on how to put an end to Pc freezing!

1. Investigate Software Issues

A solidifying working framework may have a great deal of fundamental issues.

To check regardless of whether your stops are programming prompted, boot your framework into Safe Mode.

Experimental Mode is a boot alternative that dispatches your PC in an extremely restricted state.

Just the most fundamental records and drivers completely important to run the working framework are stacked.

On the off chance that your framework seems stable in Safe Mode, it is likely that you have programming issues, similar to driver clashes or malware. However, if your result is positive(i.e if your PC work fine in safe mode), proceed with the following to resolve the freezing.

1. uninstall as of late introduced hardwares and their drivers.

2. Ensure you just have one antivirus program introduced.

3. Try out a Windows update.

4. Refresh any projects you are utilizing frequently and all equipment drivers.

5. The off chance that running a particular program causes the stops, attempt to refresh, uninstall, and reinstall the program.

In the Safe Mode, examine your framework for malware and expel anything you find. perform general framework upkeep.

6. Investigate your RAM.

If there is no changes, then consider the second troubleshooting.

2. Restore Your Window or Re-install Your window

Windows on your Pc can be restored, this indicates that permit you to move back your whole framework to a past stable state.

Make utilization of this component and return to a reestablish point where your framework did not stop or crash.

The best thing is that you won’t lose your own records.

Finally, it is advisable to always re-install your window every 7months to 2years.

If you have been using your window since 3-4years or above, kindly reinstall your window. Don’t stress yourselves to troubleshoot…lol