How to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp – Easy Steps


If for any reason you are experiencing difficulties with how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp, be it out of necessity or pure curiosity, and you could not do that, know that you are in the right place.

Who never met in the middle of a conversation and saw that there were erased messages in it? If you’re one of the millions of WhatsApp users who get annoyed with this, then we’ll teach you never to go through this.

Best of all, this is an extremely simple procedure. You will need the minimum effort and have some correct applications installed on your smartphone. It is valid to state that Whatsapp presents some restrictions regarding the recovery of deleted messages. Therefore, it is necessary to access certain areas of your smartphone and give them permission to read the messages that arrive on the device.

You will see how to recover messages that have been deleted in the middle of the conversation! If someone has erased a message for some reason and you can not read it, you can now use a few tricks to get you to see everything that has arrived on your phone.

Now without further ado, let me show you how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp, let’s get down to business!

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How to recover deleted messages for everyone in Whatsapp?

It is most likely that you have already received a message in Whatsapp and that when you view the content of the message, the person who sent the message deleted it.

Curious on-call no longer need to gnaw their nails of curiosity, since there are very simple methods that allow the visualization of the same messages that were once erased.

However, this method is a way to “cheat” the WhatsApp operation, where the user must have another application installed on the smartphone to access these deleted content.

On Google Play you can find several apps that allow your user to view deleted content in WhatsApp, which have different interfaces, but at the heart, work similarly.

Some of the most famous applications that feature these functions are WhatsRemoved +, Notification History, and History Log.

There are three very similar applications that have been developed so that reading deleted messages is now possible.

How it works?

On Android, you can view the content of deleted messages by the fact that the reading applications store the conversation history in the WhatsApp app, storing the information that arrives at the user.

Not all applications work in the same way, as some can retrieve only text messages and applications such as Notification History allow text messages, audios, photos, and videos to be viewed after being deleted. Incidentally, Notification History is the most recommended app if you want to read deleted messages because the app is complete and is available for free in the Play Store.

Silenced contacts and groups can not have messages read when they are deleted, after all, you do not receive the incoming message notification and the application can not read content that has previously arrived on your phone.

The content that was once deleted is retrieved through these applications is also limited because some messages are not displayed in full, because what is registered is limited only to what fits in the text box of the notifications that are received by your cell phone.

As these applications have limited power, that is, deleted messages can only be read after the applications have been installed on the smartphone, and it is not possible to retrieve content before that.

First, before using these applications, you need to keep in mind that it is necessary to allow these programs to read and modify media content that is stored on your phone, that is, the applications will have full access to all messages arrive on your cell phone.

Stay smart!

The use of these applications is not very well seen by the WhatsApp team after all, this is a way to circumvent the rules of the application.

Since some of the extra services offered by these applications need to be paid for by the user, for example, Notification History charges for ads deletion and if you want to add search filters you also have to pay for this action.

Notification History Application

These services deal with very intimate information that is present on your phone. Although developers say that these applications are extremely secure and that notifications from your device are not sent to their servers, still, if there is a loophole, this can be a gateway for hackers to start hacking into cellphones.

Some apps that allow you to view deleted messages in WhatsApp have already been deleted from Google Play, under the pretext of violating WhatsApp’s terms of service. But the sheer popularity of these services shows that curiosity is stronger as these apps are downloaded on a large scale on Google Play.