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How To Register For National ID Card Online


Did you know that your National Identification Number (NIN) is used to incorporate all records about you? Measurement data, fingerprints, go to hold up under facial picture, other bio-metric data and propelled stamp – in the National ID Card Database making it for the most part easy to confirm and check your character when you take an interest in developments and trades.

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This critical segment of the NIN makes it sincere for all subjects both local and foreign and moreover real inhabitants of Nigeria to endeavor to get their interesting NINs when they can.

How To Register For National ID Card Online

Guarantee you give the correct data about yourself while your information is gotten amidst enrollment for your NIN, that will be the data sincerely isolating you everlastingly at whatever point your NIN is utilized.

One can perceive how fundamental the NIN is to a man:

–It is utilized for recovering your gotten data from the National Identity Database.

–Your sorting out data related with your NIN can be then used to watch that you are truly who you say you are.

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–To the general populace when all is said in done, the NINs issued.

–Empower accommodate redress records about veritable living/dead people in all parts of the nation.

–Engage screen honest to goodness exchanges and furthermore change of individuals all around of the nation.

–Help declare which people are in true blue need of specific Government associations, e.g. age and retirement attestation for beneficiaries.

–Concerning access to essential associations (like identification issuance, keeping money associations, arrive exchanges, security associations, benefits, restorative incorporation, segment of costs, voter’s determination, purchaser credits, and all Government benefits).

Your NIN Winds Up Principal For:

  • Cutting down the time required for insisting records to fittingly recall you to get to the associations you require.
  • Lessening messes up in errand of associations to the opportune individuals.
  • Adjusting movement of double dealing (419) where another person mirrors you.
  • Check of the genuine character of various individuals you go into budgetary or business exchanges with or even individuals you wish to use.
  • Promising you are genuinely seen while getting flourishing associations, e.g. avowing the true blue blood requests of blood advocates at focuses.
  • Certification of voter capacity amidst decisions.

This is the time where we don’t need to queue for hours before we register for our national ID card. However, The process of enrollment has been made easy and is now operation do it yourself anywhere you find yourself, it sound cool right?

I could remember many years back when everyone struggle before they can enroll for the national ID card.

This option of enrollment is very easy and the process require internet connection because you will need to visit the NIMC official website(www.nimc.gov.ng).

Not only that, you need to register online using the pre-enrollment Portal (https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng).

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You need to fill in your data in capital letters, After that, you will print out the summary sheet with the 2D bar-code. However, the Online pre-enrollment is very important and is an initial step in the enrollment process.

You can know when your enrollment completed when you get your bio-metric data such as the head-shot photograph, fingerprints and signature being captured and is processed at any NIMC Enrollment Center by the enrollment officer.

The second choice of registration is when you don’t want to fill the online pre-enrollment form, print out the summary sheet having the 2D bar-code.

The second alternative, you(applicant) will need to download Enrollment Form to fill and print out. For you to download your enrollment form, visit their official website www.nimc.gov.ng.

Fill completely the forms in capital letters, visit the nearby enrollment center for your bio-metrics capturing for you to obtain the National Identification Number (NIN).

Notice: You can as well take up the enrollment form at NIMC’S ERC.

This seems to be confusing right? I will write out the process for you to be able to get it. Below are the steps on how to register for your national ID card online.

Step 1

  • Applicants need to visit NIMC official website to access the Pre-Enrollment Portal, website is https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng also, the online Enrollment Form is included.

Step 2

  • Applicant will also fills the online Enrollment Form after the pre-enrollment registration, The applicant should prints out a summary sheet having the 2D bar-code and now proceed to any nearby NIMC Enrollment Centre for bio-data registration.

Step 3

  • The third process is that the applicant will verify and confirms his or her enrollment data on the Pc.

Step 4

  • The fourth step is the bio-data processing where the applicants will have their fingerprints, head-shot photograph and signature captured.

Step 5

  • At this junction, the applicant is almost done with registration, the only thing is to have his/her supporting documents scanned.

Step 6

  • Congratulations! Finally your enrollment is acknowledged. Two slips will be generated (NIN Slip and Transaction Slip), this will be given to the applicant which indicate the completion of applicant enrollment.



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