How To Release Your Telegram Account From Spam Limitation


Most Telegram users can’t just do without spamming, especially bloggers or those seeking referrals by giving out their referral/affiliate links to people. Now you can release your telegram account.

To be frank, It’s usually annoying when you post such links or unwanted messages to people on telegram, this prompt them to mark your message as spam.

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Never worry we now have a simple straight-forward method to release yourself from that bondage, you can do this by following the below steps.

How To Release Your Telegram Account From Limitation Caused By Spamming

  1. Go to spam bot and start the bot.
  2. It will tell you about your limitation.
  3. After that downside you will see the options tap on the option with “THIS WAS BY MISTAKE”.
  4. Then tap on “”YES” option.
  5. After that tap on the option “NO NEVER DID”.
  6. Then you have to give a particular reason there to the supervisor don’t think much just give this massage there.

Actually i just messaged to my friends and they are new to telegram by mistake they tap on the icon saying report spam that’s the matter pls release my account sir.

Then you should have your account back, you can spam as you wish because you will always be released once you repeat this same steps.