How to Root Infinix Hot 7 Pro 1000% Working


Infinix Hot 7 Pro is no doubt that one device that has proved to be one of the best and cheapest Android device, and as it is many are asking for a perfect rooting method to make it a devil device.

Before we proceed let me quickly explain what rooting an Android device really mean, am sure you want to know this as well though most people are familiar with rooting.

What Does it Mean to Root a Device?

To “root” an Android device means getting the highest authority likewise optimizing the device for better performance and having access to tweak the device to your taste.

As an individual I can’t use an Android smartphone without rooting it, what is there for me to explore or exploit without a root?

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So therefore am gonna teach you the best and safest method to root your smartphone, without malware issues, as in 100% safe.

Also you need to read my article on the “10 Benefits of Rooting an Android Device“, reading this extensively and making use of the tweaks makes your phone a wizard.

With this you can easily change your Device ID, use third party tweak, remove Bloatware, block annoying adverts, flash a Custom ROM, and also so a backup of your phone on a flash drive or SD Card.


Disadvantages of rooting an android device

There are certainly disadvantages but if you know what you are doing am sure it won’t be negatively affected, that is why backup is topmost priority whenever you want to tweak your device.

  1. Firstly, you make the warranty void once you root your Android device thereby making you loose the Firmware official updates.
  2. If anything goes wrong you risk your phone being dead. (Though there is another way to fix this).
  3. Performance issues might set in when wrongly rooted.
  4. Unwanted adverts could pop up when you install malwares, you an uninstall them with Zapya or rather you restore your phone.

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1. Magisk Manager

2. ADB Tools

3. ADB Driver

Now let’s go straight to the point with the methods on rooting your Infinix Hot 7 Pro device without errors.

NOTE: We are not responsible for whatever modification you apply on your phone and wont be held responsible if you void your phone or brick it.


How to Root Infinix Hot 7 Pro Without Errors

  1. First of all, it is advisable you download your Stock Firmware online, so in case you encounter any issue you can easily flash these file (System, Secro, Recovery), or rather flash the complete ROM.
  2. Extract “boot.img” from the stock firmware into a folder, give the folder any name you can easily remember.
  3. Download and Install Magisk Manager form the requirements above on your device.
  4. Make sure data connection is ON, then launch your Magisk Manager, Once opened click on Update/Install then select patch boot.img file.
  5. Then point Stock boot.img in Magisk Manager, {make sure preserve DM verity is checked}.
  6. Now wait for Magisk Manager to fully patch the selected boot.img.
  7. Once successful, you can then move the “patched_boot.img” in Magisk Folder of your phone storage.

root infinix hot 7 pro with magisk

After you are done with this then you need to proceed with ADB we downloaded earlier, make sure you follow this step carefully.

  1. Copy your patched_boot.img fie from phone to ADB folder of your PC.
  2. Install ADB fastboot Driver on your PC {Remember to disable anti-virus}.
  3. Reboot your phone to bootloader and connect it to the PC via USB cable.
  4. Launch CMD in ADB boot folder.
  5. Type the below command one after the other.

fastboot oem unlock

if failed fastboot flashing unlock

if failed then fastboot oem unlock-go

Now type fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

Then fastboot reboot

You phone is now rooted, Yepiiie…


How to Root Infinix Hot 7 Pro Without PC

  1. Download and Install KingRoot on your device.
  2. Switch “ON” your Wifi and Data.
  3. Now click on “Root” and wait until your device is completely rooted.

Note: This method require you wait for some minutes, ranging from the type of device you are using, also this method works for at most 80% of Android devices.