How to share Internet From Phone to PC Using PdaNet


This isn’t a new method though most of us still can’t share our internet connection on PC, Now we have highlighted steps on how to share your internet connection from mobile to PC.

You can must have heard about PdaNet and wondering what is its usefulness and importance, PdaNet is mainly used to share internet data connection your mobile phone to your PC.

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It is very easy to use as long as your device have Bluetooth or you have a USB cable with you. so let us go straight to the point.

Follow the steps below carefully

First of all you need to make sure your phone has USB Debug mode enabled from your Developers option.

If you don’t know how to enable USB debug follow this link (How To Enable USB Debug mode on Android).
Then after that follow the steps below.

1. Download and install PdaNet and FoxFi on your Android. (Foxfi serves as activation key or crack for unlimited use of PdaNet).

foxfi pdanet apk

2. Also install PdaNet On your Pc [Download PdaNet.exe].

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3. Launch PdaNet on your Android device, Connect your phone via a USB cable to the PC. You should get a pop up from the PC showing a small box at the right angle, if not start PdaNet from your desktop shortcut. Or Open the Pdatnet on your Pc you will see that under the tool bar on your PC home Screen.

4. Select USB TETHER on your mobile phone(Pdanet).

5. U will get a pop up on your Phone Screen asking to accept connection click on “ALWAYS” Then “OK”.

6. Now you should be connected automatically.

You can now open your Browser and Enjoy browsing to the fullest.

NOTE: You can Also make use of “BLUETOOTH” though via Bluetooth is not as fast as USB. This also worked for normal data or Ssh/VPN data.