How to Unban and Reactivate Banned or Suspended WhatsApp Account


Recently Facebook-Owned Instant Messaging App “WhatsApp” Officially Informed the populace on the plan to suspend users that uses the Unofficial version of the app.

The said unofficial versions are the (GBWhatsapp, OGWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus etc), these apps really brought out the best out of WhatsApp.

banned whatsapp image

With no doubt, the unofficial version is seen as the best as it offers more mouthwatering functions which makes Instant messaging fun.

WhatsApp feels the Terms and Conditions binding the users has been compromised or violated, hence their action of mass suspension of accounts.

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Most of us are already aware of this as the warnings was well circulated through most social media platforms and blogs.

Nevertheless people has turned deaf hears to this as they continue rocking the unofficial version till date, i am also not left out.

We noticed at thee cost of banning or suspending various accounts using the unofficial version, it also affects new registration of WhatsApp accounts.

Now that your account has been banned, we are going to enlighten you on how to unban and reactivate banned or suspended WhatsApp account.

Reasons for the Suspension of Your WhatsApp Account

1. It’s certain you are making use of the third-party applications, i.e. the (GBWhatsapp, OGWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus etc).

2. Possibly, you might have been blocked by some users also, e.g. for spamming and posting irrelevant content which they find offensive.

3. You have sent countless of messages to those who doesn’t have you in their contact list.

4. Sending and forwarding of false updates or rumors to groups and contacts.

5. You probably have created a group and added people who are not on your contact list or those who doesn’t have you on their contact list.

The above are the main reasons why your WhatsApp account was being suspended, so you are to keep in mind so as not to get affected in future.

Am sure the reason you are reading this is because your WhatsApp account has been banned, or you are getting this message when launched or as pop-up.

“Your phone number 23456789087 is temporarily banned from WhatsApp. Contact Support “.

This isn’t the time for panic as there’s always solutions to a problems, we have the solution to this and I will walk you through the steps to take.

How to Unban or Reactivate Your WhatsApp Account

To get your account working again is as simple as your favorite meal, Firstly i urge you to read WhatsApp rules so as to know what to avoid.

  1. Uninstall all unofficial WhatsApp version on your phone.
  2. Delete those groups and messages of users who are not on your contact or who doesn’t have you on theirs.

Then just install the official app, then sit back and wait for them to unban your account, this shouldn’t take more than 48hours.

Should in case it exceed then you should send a message to this email and politely ask them to reactivate your phone number to use WhatsApp again.

Your number should be active after some hours if you haven’t been banned permanently, give this a try and comment below or join us on telegram for further assistance.