How to Use TextNow Phone Number to Verify WhatsApp 2018


Most people do complain on not being able to verify their TextNow phone number on WhatsApp.

Here is a sure way out of that bondage, you can now use TextNow generated phone number to create account on WhatsApp.

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How to verify WhatsApp and get USA number using TextNow.

1. Download TextNow app (Here) and sign-up using USA vpn. Choose area code within the range of 800-900 for your TextNow USA number.

2. Now remove your SIM card from the phone you want to use to verify it.

3. Then connect using hot-spot.

4. Now open the your app and put your USA number and click on text me wait for 1 minute then click on call me.

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5. Connect your vpn and open the TextNow app you will get a call with your digit code for verification.

6. Insert the code to the WhatsApp and boom, it’s verified, you can now put back your SIM card and enjoy your favourite messaging app.

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