How to use Twitter for business? Get Better Results


In today’s post, I will quickly show you how to use twitter for business to get wonderful results that will blow your mind, kindly read on to get quality leads.

The 280-character social network has been growing year after year – with, according to early 2019 data, 330 million users on the platform (up 9 million from the previous quarter). In this scenario, it seems that using Twitter for business can be a great strategy!

But calm down, we’re not saying Twitter is an interesting social network for any company.

The choice of social networks of a brand depends on the audience (it should be where your audience is), the brand ‘s goals and of course the ability to work on that social network the right way.

Twitter, for example, has a faster footprint. Network users share opinions, news, and moments very quickly.

So a brand on Twitter needs to ensure this frequency and timing; otherwise, your posts will simply disappear in the midst of the avalanche of Tweets.

This is just a hint of what to look for in order for Twitter to be, in fact, a channel that brings results to companies. Stay with us and see more!

How to use Twitter for business?

The first step is to have a branded Twitter account. Create your profile, add a cool bio, insert your site, put a profile photo, and cover that represent the brand and you’re done. You have already taken the first step.

Having Twitter followers is also critical, so we recommend that, in addition to creating an interesting editorial calendar for your audience, interact with potential followers, follow other important profiles in your industry, and partner well with influencers.

280-character tweets need to be objective and straightforward, and it’s important that you don’t try to replicate content posted on other networks, such as Facebook, to your Twitter platform.

This is because they are different profiles, and there is a limit to the size of the network content.

Here are other tips on how to masterfully use Twitter for business:

Pay attention to trending topics

Trending topics is where you’ll see what the hot topics are inside Twitter. That is, what most people are talking about there.

This is where you will be able to gain insights for your publications.

Talk about current issues (when it comes to your brand, of course) and try to bring them as close to your segment as possible.

You can also try entering trending topics by throwing a # that everyone uses. It does not necessarily have to be the name of your brand, but also some concept or campaign.

Use hashtags

You can also use hashtags on Twitter to make your tweet easier to find and comment on by the right people.

Don’t forget to have periodicity in your posts and of course, interact with comments. Having updated content is a premise for Twitter to work for businesses.

Have a personality of your own and use a more informal tone.

Interact with audiences and celebrities

One of the strongest things about Twitter is interaction and how people connect, find common ground, and make friends.

To respond to tweets, monitor what people are saying about you, and interact with them (both your audience and celebrities).

In a quick search within the network, you can see the mentions they are making about a brand. In addition, you can learn a little more about the interests of the people following your brand and adjust the content to please even more.

You can like tweets and even give RT. This will make users feel close to you and engage a conversation, which will possibly catch the attention of others as well.

Use Twitter Business Features

There are some features that the platform has created with companies in mind.

Some available options that help increase brand awareness are:

  • Campaigns via Twitter Ads: These can be conversion, audience building, engagement, or app campaigns. Allow you to segment the audience and provide performance reports;
  • Use Twitter Analytics: Collect your profile data using this Twitter for Business option. You can check various information, see:

Account Home

You will have access to your profile statistics, which tweets are performing best, and who are the profiles that influence your network.

Tweet Activity Dashboard

This will collect index data from each of your tweets, how many times they have been viewed, retweeted, liked, and answered.

Audience Insights Dashboard

Finally, you can check information from people who follow you by analyzing the growth of followers and what their interests are, as well as their demographics.

Drive more website traffic

Do you want customer attention on social networks? I’m sure, yes! But what you want even more – and you’ll get with Twitter – is drive people to the company’s website, right?

Make your tweets another way to get your audience to where the business can be closed – the web page.

Because of the 280 character limitation, you won’t have much room to delve into content within the social network. So, not to look shallow with shallow and uninformative phrases, use CTA so that the customer leaves Twitter and goes to the site for all the information. You can lead your followers to Blog posts, Landing Pages, YouTube videos, etc.

A good practice is to enter some terms such as “learn more,” “check here,” and “see more” in a call to action.

Now that you have a bird’s-eye view of Twitter for business don’t waste any more time and sign up today to secure multiple deals from the digital environment.