How to Increase Your Sale Using YouTube Marketing


How to Increase Your Sale Using YouTube MarketingDo you believe that YouTube get more visitors than many social media? In a year, survey carried out has made it known that YouTube get more traffic than the giant social media platform– facebook and twitter. Due to this fact, many giant company have targeted YouTube as a means of marketing. For this fact am going to explain to you how to increase your sale using YouTube marketing.

To be a successful YouTube marketer required a great work and skills in producing a viral content which will draw the attention of people. In fact, better content is an important aspect of YouTube marketing, the foundation of profitable YouTube videos is centered on the quality of the content.

Increase Your Sale Using YouTube Marketing

You can increase your sale using YouTube marketing, however, there are some strategies you must know before you can achieve this. The best way to boost the sale of your product is for you to choose YouTube as the first priority. Many brands spend a lot on social media marketing, am not saying paying for social media marketing is bad but instead you can increase your sale using YouTube marketing. All you need is to learn the strategies which I am going to explain.


Reasons for YouTube Marketing

1. To Improve your product sales:

Everyone is happy when there is increase in the sales of product. However, products can either be physical or digital. To increase your sale using YouTube marketing is a good choice.

2. To Build Audience for your brand:

Not all brand or company produce product for sale! YouTube marketing can also be useful to promote your services and to build up audience for your brand.

How to Increase Your Sales Using YouTube marketing

Strategic Keyword Research

Whenever it comes to the marketing stage, buyers can be convinced with a word to make a purchase. However, YouTube marketing can increase your sale as the audience search a keyword and your video content that explain what your product is about. Strategic keyword research is one of the way to increase your sales using YouTube marketing.

These are how you can do proper keyword research:

Make sure you select keywords suitable for people needing fresh information.

Furthermore, make the usage of AdWords Display Planner: This tool will give you insight of the proper keyword that you can use in the descriptions of your videos. Not only that, make sure you select the keyword that is related to your brand, products and company.

Finally, the keywords must have minimum impressions of thousand monthly.

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Use Attention-grabbing Thumbnails

Good and attractive thumbnails will also help you a lot to draw the attention of customers to your sale. With no doubt, there are a lot of videos that are competing with your video. In this case, your thumbnails make the difference.

If possible spend more time to have a nice thumbnail image that will create a click. This can be done by uploading a custom thumbnail images in the provided option which is available when uploading videos.

Make use of use of quality resolution such as 1280 x 720 resolution. Note that poor resolution of thumbnails will only bring fewer clicks with poor sale.

The thumbnails images should either be in PNG, GIF and JPG formats with size 2MB. Quality colour with bold text is advisable for more sale.

Optimizing the Channel page

You can increase your sale using YouTube marketing by optimizing your channel page to bring traffic to your landing page where people can make payment for the product.This aspect should never be neglected at it is very important.

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Create time to make write your goal, important of the products, etc., on your profile page and social media.

Do you know that adding calls to action is also very important? Those that are familiar with YouTube know the benefits of calls to action. Call to actions include: please like, subscribe to our video, please comment if you love our products.

There are four important call to actions which is compulsory in YouTube marketing. These are:

More comments

More channel subscriptions

Get more viewers to watch other videos on your channel

Likes and Shares

Promote Across Channels

This is where the work lies, after uploading your videos on the YouTube you need to promote the video link for viewers. However, you can make use of different strategy such as insertion of links email signatures of your YouTube channel, make a list top videos and shoot it out in your newsletters email, make use of your social media presence to drive quality viewers to your videos, write a catching and quality content on your best videos of all time. Finally, twitter is also a social media where you can share your video link.