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Guide to Minimalist Packing Secret Revealed


Guide to Minimalist Packaging

Guide to Minimalist Packing in the world that is obsessed with consuming as our contemporary world, getting attached to things is not a strange or alien feeling. There is always a feeling of attachment to certain possessions or an attraction to some other stuff ranging from our electronics, clothing materials to services.

This is the fundamental reason for the dilemma that may be encountered while packing items for a trip. To this end, we will be providing a guide on how to pack items that will provide for a healthy, minimal but prepared travel.

Guide to Minimalist Packing

First in Guide to Minimalist Packing, if you find yourself in a dilemma as to the necessity of an item, it is apt to ask yourself some questions like:

  • Is this item essential to daily life?
  • Can this item serve more than one purpose?
  • Is there no alternative to this item available at my destination?
  • Is this item fundamental to my purpose for the trip?


It’s of fundamental note that the kind of backpack or suitcase you have in mind will fit the carry-on limits or the size restrictions of the airline you may be boarding. Having sorted this, it is smart to always go for the lightest bag possible for reasons ranging from the airline weight check purposes to the mobility of your things. Some perfect examples of the right backpack are Osprey Farpoint 40, Osprey Manta 36, etc.


In clothing, the most vital point to consider before embarking on your trip, is the culture or convention of your place of destination as well as the climate..

You are probably traveling to places like East or West Africa, known for very hot climates, it will be against your comfort to go with some sort of cardigans for whatsoever reason. Thin and loose clothing are best for hot climates in how that they have enough vents to allow for air.

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Synthetic athletic clothing, Sun hats, sweaters, sun glasses, jewelries, swim suits, etc. are example of clothing materials to consider depending on the destination in question.

The culture of your destination is also another very cogent point consider. Clothing that reveal cleavages or thighs may not be welcome in some of this places as they would serve as an insult on their religious or traditional values.


For one who will be doing a lot of walking around in a hot climate destination, some pairs of flats will be a good choice as they would aid easy movement and allow for enough air for your feet. It is also smart to consider multipurpose Water shoes. At least a pair of shoes that will be suitable for hiking, showering, swimming, walking, etc. A corporate rubber shoe should be another smart choice.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

A bug spray is a smart choice when you are going to be hanging around some insect or mosquito infested area. Aloe-vera is a very important cosmetic for those who fall in the fair skin spectrum. A baby powder will serve as a veritable one for one’s comfort as they protect against heat or sweat rash. A skin drying lotion will be an apt choice for places in the tropics based on the climatic condition. Some other toiletries to consider are hand sanitizers, nail clippers, hanging toiletry bags, sunscreen, towels, toilet/tissue papers etc.

Medical items

A few antibiotics as recommended by your doctor should be very relevant throughout your stay. Blood tonics could also be a smart choice. Dramamine will always come to the rescue when the plane turbulences, car rides, as well as other stressful experiences culminate in a stomach issue. An anti-bacterial will go a long way to save you from a lot you may encounter. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) will serve as a constant help against the biting and stinging you may encounter, the foods your body will react to, or even the hazards the environment may expose you to. Malaria treatment drugs as prescribed by your doctor also serves to be very useful in case your body ends up reacting to the few mosquito bites encountered.


Your smart phone readily comes to mind here. Your phone is almost your most important electronic any day. It serves as the bridge that connects you to your friends and family members all around the world. With just a call or a social media messages, you can communicate with just anyone you choose to. A good tablet will also prove to be handy on some occasions for uninterrupted photos and videos. Otherwise, a Camera device could just be a very enormous spark the level of fun you have at your destination.

The high quality pictures and videos will help anyone to enjoy their tourism to the fullest. Headphones or headsets are also very vital for anyone who is a music fan or for anyone who loves his/her privacy.


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