New MTN Unlimited Free browsing Using Hammer VPN 2019


It has been a while we enjoyed free browsing and ever since MTN daily 1gig got blocked it has been hell, most especially when the mPulse data was also tampered.

We have been trying every possible way to find a better browsing trick, I have a good news which am eager to tell.

We now have a limitless Mtn browsing trick for you guys which works on either 3g or 4g sim, also it doesn’t deduct your data even if you previously have data.

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This is the easiest VPN ever as you don’t need any configuration file for this VPN.

Very fast, doesn’t disconnect anyhow and you can also download, works just like your normal subscription.


Mtn Sim (either 3G or 4G)

Hammer VPN – Telegram Source (Download Here)

Settings For HammerVPN

Username: Hivahiva
Password: 123456789
Server: Select any of server-6,49,7,48,49
Rport: 8080
Lport: 9201
Select UDP

Also see the image below and lastly, Click CONNECT and Enjoy.

Hammer Vpn mtn trick Mtn free browsing

Note: This Cheat is capped at 100mb-150mb, but we have a way to make it unlimited, visit our Telegram Group for that and also some have issues with cool fast German servers not appearing in the servers list.

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What to do to get the best servers (German Servers)

Method 1

  1. Disconnect the app, Exit it and also clear it from minimized apps.
  2. Switch the phone to Airplane mode.
  3. Switch back and quickly open the app before network appears.
  4. In case there’s no server listed quit the app and open again then you should have all German servers.

Method 2

  1. Open your Hammer Vpn app.
  2. Connect to France server-5 or6 and browse for 1min.
  3. Exit the app totally and switch on Airplane mode.
  4. While Airplane mode is ON, Open you Hammer VPN and select German server, you should now see all German servers listed.
  5. Select your preferred German server and switch off Airplane mode

Hammer VPN comes with just 20 server of which most of them doesn’t work, but we also got a trick to add over 100+ servers to it.

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So it is important to join us on Telegram because that is where our admin can assist you properly in case you have issues setting this up. Enjoy!!