Reasons why ladies love cucumber


Reasons why ladies love cucumber

Countless times I visited the supermarket and was amazed what glimpse my eyes captured, talking of Cucumber, it wasn’t once nor twice and I begin to wonder what is really going on.

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The queue of single ladies and married women buying cucumber left me in an awe then I started thinking otherwise.

Moving closer to them I asked a lady why the rush for a cucumber and her response was way different from my dirty thoughts.

Cucumber is a low calorie fruit, though people commonly thought it’s a vegetable but it’s actually a fruit.

Cucumbers are 96% water which makes it much more interesting as we know water is essential for life.

Reasons why ladies love cucumber

Reasons why ladies love cucumber.

1. Nice Hair and Nails: This is so important to ladies, these silica minerals component in cucumbers carry many health benefits.

One of the results is smooth hair and nails. Your hair grows longer and firm while your fingers gets neater and cute.

2. Curbing Your Appetite: Most times we feel like eating or chewing something and as a result of that we gain more weights thereby making us close to obesity.

3. Smoothening of the Skin ( beauty): Ladies are known to be so worried about their skin, they want to glow every time that’s why they are seen eating cucumber.

Also using some slices on their eyes as a toner or mask just to make them more beautiful and alluring, with this the skin gets young, smooth and glowing.

4. Reduction of Cancer Risks: Cucumber reduces the risks of various cancers e.g. breast, ovarian, uterian and prostate cancers as cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans.

They also contain phytonutrients called cucurbitacins which also have anti-cancer properties embedded.

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5. Digestion Aiding: Cucumbers comprises of water and fiber which are the most essential elements needed for optimal digestive health.

Cucumbers may help to raise the stomach pH, which can assist with symptoms of acid reflux.

Also, cucumber skin contains insoluble fiber, which can add more to your stool, assisting food to move through the digestive tract quickly.

6. Stress Management: Cucumbers contain an assortment of B vitamins including vitamin B1, B5, and B7.

B vitamins are known to help ease anxiety and reduce the damaging effects of stress making you feel relaxed and healthy.

7. Fresh Breath: Bad odour gushing out of your mouth would definitely stop with you consuming handfuls of cucumber.

It get rid of your mouth odor-causing bacteria hereby giving you a fresh breath for the day.

8. Brain Protection: Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory flavonal called fistein that has been shown to play a principal role in promoting brain health.

It is known to improve memory and even protect your nerve cells from declining due to aging, I won’t doubt why our ladies are doing better than the guys in academics recently.

With the above points listed I have to agree with the ladies on this that cucumber is the way forward as it is natural, cheap, neat and has no side effect whatsoever.

I see reasons why our ladies are becoming more beautiful, thank God for cucumber.

Note: Cucumber is so refreshing and should be eaten unpeeled because of the fiber contents of minerals and nutrients and remember to wash thoroughly before eating.