Root Your Android Phone Properly with Kingroot


Rooting an Android device has not been easy for most people due to fear of uncertainty.

But do you know that if you root your Android phone you will surely be enjoying every bit of it like Delaney’s Delight Sandwiches?

To “root” an Android device means getting the highest authority likewise optimising the device for better performance and having access to tweak the device to your taste.

As an individual I can’t use an Android smartphone without rooting it, what is there for me to explore or exploit without a root?

So therefore am gonna teach you the best and safest method to root your smartphone, without malware issues, as in 100% safe.

Precautions Before Rooting

i. Make a complete backup of your Android device on an external drive or a computer.

ii. Make sure your battery is well charged for at least 50% should in case your battery runs out while rooting you might experience a brick, though rooting doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

Rooting With Kingroot App

I bet my dollar on this, as this is the best rooting app ever. We have hundreds of rooting apps downloadable on net but most of them are just malware’s.

Even after rooting you tend to discover misbehavior in your device processes thereby causing your phone temperature to aggravate and also affects the battery performance.

I will only advice you if you wanna root with an app to make use of Kingroot as it is well tested and trusted, I beat my chest on it.

Step1: Download and install Kingroot from the above link.


Step 2. Launch the app, then click on “START ROOT”.
Step 3: Wait and watch the rooting process as it goes, mind you your phone might restart several times by itself.

Never get worried once it restarts as it is part of the process, you see a big tick icon showing it’s success.

If the above rooting method doesn’t work for you then consider following the next method which is “7 Best Android Root Software with or without Computer”.

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