Rumor | Xiaomi and Oppo would be testing Huawei OS – (Hongmeng OS)


Chinese makers Xiaomi and OPPO would be testing the “Hongmeng OS,” the mobile operating system under development by Huawei in the character of evaluating it as a viable alternative to Google’s Android.

The information was posted on the Global Times website through its official Twitter account. Huawei denied the rumors.

According to the tweet, Global Times even asked Shao Yang, Huawei’s CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), when the operating system would be released, getting the phrase “this is a secret” answered.

The information published by the Global Times, however, was denied by the Chinese manufacturer: to Huawei Central website, the company said: “Any information on this subject would be released through our official channels.” Since then, the site tuite has been deleted, but the print below shows it completely:


Risk situation

Despite denying rumors about other companies using Hongmeng OS, Huawei has not denied its existence, and the OS is already globally recognized.

The absorption of it in the domestic market can come to much help to the commotion Chinese giant, who has been facing difficulties in its international relations thanks to the North American government.

In May, President Donald Trump signed an administrative order that effectively bars the Chinese manufacturer from doing business with US companies because it would be using its connections with the Chinese government to spy on industries from other countries.

The measure had a severe impact on Huawei’s business in its many divisions, but was most notable in the area of ​​portable products and devices: Google revoked the company’s license to use Android, taking away the ability to access automatic updates for security and applications typically inherent to Android, such as Gmail and YouTube . Intel and Qualcomm also announced the paralysis of relations with the Chinese.

The Microsoft removed from their online stores all mentions to products of Huawei, although it has not yet been positioned on possible order relations.

ARM, which is based in Europe but uses American components, issued orders to its employees to stop any Chinese-owned business from being paralyzed and company executives being avoided at industry events.

At the moment, Huawei’s only victory in this matter is temporary: the company has been given a 90-day license to continue using Android without affecting its users. However, such a license is valid only until August 19.