Top 10 Cult Movies on Netflix 2019 – Must Watch


Filling intellectual gaps, expanding your mind and venturing into cinematic works that are somehow real we provide you the best quality list of Cult movies on Netflix.

But what is a Cult movie? Well, there is no way to simply characterize it in a way or limit it to certain characteristics. But in succinct words, a cult movie expresses an alternative art, does not necessarily need to bring great teachings, but most seek to go beyond just putting on screen something that “shines and moves.”

A Cult movie may be a classic movie, foreign film – many French – or even that movie from 2h30 to 3h in length, but it can not be classified just that. Anyway, a movie being cult does not necessarily mean it needs to go against the premise of mainstream or Hollywood movies.

Generally, the Cult style seeks to offer something that goes beyond the viewer, more than has already been seen or expected, reflections, forms of behavior, striking sentences, the surreal trapped the ills of reality and even nostalgia.

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So if you’re looking for good Cult movies to watch on Netflix, it’s worth checking out the list we’ve prepared with great titles that are available on Netflix’s Streaming service. We brought different genres and film formats, from horror, documentary, humor, fantasy – classic and current, from the most referenced to lesser known.

Below you can check out the trailer and a brief glimpse of story information – no spoilers, of course!

Top 10 Cult Movies to Watch on Netflix 2019

1. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

First on our list of Top 10 Cult movies on Netflix is “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”.

An exciting, moving and inspiring story, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a Netflix drama film, directed and adapted by the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, from a book written by Bryan Mealer and William Kamkwamba – being the story and actual experience which the film presents to us.

Based on a true story, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind leads us to follow a plot that takes place in 2001 in a small country in southeastern Africa where a family of small grain farmers tries to survive hunger amid a crisis of resources in the country.

Such a crisis is provoked, time by the excessive rain, hour by the drought or by the political corruption. In the midst of this, the young William Kamkwamba unable to attend classes, because his parents could not pay the monthly fee, he chooses to at least study in the library, still trying to find a way to help his father in the harvest. And what he is going to achieve, will go far beyond helping not only his family but the whole community.

A spectacular, very important film that pulls us out of our social “bubble” and puts us face to face with a reality that makes us expand our world view and rethink our small actions and understand that the world goes far beyond of our problems.

Hunger, misery, and total lack of resources, facing this, people who fight for survival, give shape to a realistic plot that makes us feel empathy, sadness, and inspiration. Even if it seems a distant reality, it goes without saying that we do not have to cross the Atlantic to find similar or equal situations.

A film that arouses different feelings, but mainly that inspires, after all, instead of making excuses and quoting the famous “if only I do,” the boy actually does and shows that yes, a person can change everything, or at the very least, begin such a change.

2. Rome

Rome makes the second on the list of Top 10 Cult movies on Netflix Original, in the words of streaming giant “Oscar winner, director Alfonso Cuarón makes a moving portrait of family life in Mexico during the turbulent 1970s.”

A work that, in fact, can be considered cult, giving “check” in all the elements that make certain work fit the genre. A film that is not for all audiences passes well away from Hollywood productions, follows a simple, trivial, mundane plot, but with a real force and that hits the less prepared front.

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The narrative is filmed in black and white, with a strong touch of neorealism – by the way – that leads us to follow the routine of a maid (Yalitza Aparicio) of a middle-class family, commanded by a mother abandoned by the husband (Marina of Tavira).

The film Roma takes place in Mexico City and the plot follows one year – during the 70’s – with turbulent moments that the country has gone through and that will affect the lives of all the family that we accompany in the narrative.

With the potential to be a masterpiece, Rome makes us open the senses to various subtleties, enjoy countless multi-layered discussions and, without a doubt, the narrative will touch you in some way.

3. Circle

Thirdly, we have “Circle” on best top 10 Cult movies on Netflix, Suspense that has deep roots and social gaps, the film Circle makes us reflect on life in society amidst an intriguing plot that puts us face to face with the most diverse facets of individuals when confronted by certain situations.

50 people inside a dark room, limited to a small circle around a black globe. Every two minutes, a lightning bolt comes out of this mysterious center and kills someone. Because, and what rules precede events, will be gradually discovered by the prisoners.

Soon, they understand that the mechanism is causing them to choose who dies. Otherwise, a person will die randomly.

And at this point, we have a metaphor for social life (?). More than that, in the course of the narrative, we are led to see that everyone within them has some prejudice within them, no matter how “harmless” it may seem.

A group of individuals having to decide who lives and who dies is already a plate full for much reflection, as well as the reason for prejudices, half-truths, lies, false and precipitous judgments to surface.

How to escape from judging a person, just by being different from what we believe to be the “right”? What justifies the death or life of someone, decided by strangers and momentary acts.

The film Circle presents a layered plot, just as the characteristics of each individual work; layers of life in society, which is far from being shallow, easy, and fair.

Lo And Behold

Under the direction of Werner Herzog, “Lo And Behold” is a documentary about the impact of the internet on the life of humanity, this also made it to our Top 10 best Cult movies on Netflix.

Werner does not seek to enter into explanations, but to explore how dependent we become of technology by means of a detailed analysis of the Internet-inclined feats in today’s society.

Sometimes even provocative, the director intends to make us question, reflect on the limits and the borders of technological life, putting the viewer in front of real facts, as people allergic to the signal of wifi; digital crimes; people addicted to games that come to disconnect from real life; cyber wars, etc.

In the movie, situations like the world’s first computer to send an e-mail are debated, just like the recent and audacious space missions developed by Elon Musk.

We see different scenarios, where Werner Herzog points out various benefits of the internet – with undeniable power and influence in facilitating and solving problems related to the needs and demands of modern life. But we have the other side, in which the narrator, and sometimes interviewer, stands out showing the problems related to the excessive dependence of people on technology.

The narrative is divided into chapters that cover the past, present, and future of technology, through a comparison that is based on a view that does not condemn but also does not value as correct the various events arising from the first “small” internet.

Like the fateful sending of the first message from one computer to another – a movie that is worth seeing, without being interrupted by the “update” of one of your social networks!

5. Jim & Andy

Jim and Andy is a documentary released in 2017 that shows the behind-the-scenes footage of the 1999 film “The World of Andy,” in which we see the details and situations of how actor Jim Carrey adopted the quirky persona of comedian Andy Kaufman during production.

Jim and Andy made it to our No 5 on the Top Best Cult movies on Netflix, an outstanding movie though which you shouldn’t miss.

It’s a documentary that divides opinions and criticisms: Talent, creative force vs. Jim Carrey’s somber side – who knows the answer lies between them, or even there’s no answer! The fact is that the documentary takes us through memories in recordings, along with Carrey reflecting on the meaning of life and reality, identity, and career.

Under the direction of Chris Smith, the film Jim & Andy makes use of about 100 hours of material captured on the set of the film. For four months following the process of Carrey becoming Andy, more than convincing – not just in front of the cameras.

Jim & Andy Brings to the screen a fascinating work, with respect to the potential and talent of an actor, who often comes close to surreal.

The film Jim & Andy is a great demand for the seventh art lovers and for those who are interested in the mysteries of artistic creations, montage, screenplay, personalities, as well as for fans and lovers of Andy’s and Carrey’s work, both as talented as they are eccentric.

6. Pulp Fiction

No 6 on our list of best Cult movies on Netflix is Pulp Fiction, Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction is a classic of crime and suspense movies!

To contextualize, the plot revolves around Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), two professional assassins, who charge a powerful gangster – Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). The narrative does not belong to a chronological order, in it, we are led to accompanying different histories, but that complement each other (?).

A cult icon among moviegoers, Pulp Fiction, was released in 1995 but is the subject of debates and reflections on the most varied digital media to date. It is referenced and still provides great memes to use on social networks!

But what makes the film be to give good ovation is in charge of the dialogues, very well constructed, that adventure in delicate subjects without considering much the politically correct, yielding several comic reliefs of acid humor, dealing with a certain peculiarity subjects like violence, drugs, and death.

With complex characters, starring epic scenes, along with an engaging soundtrack and montage of scenes and enigmatic elements – sometimes controversial.

The classic Pulp Fiction is the subject of citations and references in the most varied cinematographic works, serials, and even in the conversations of our daily life. After all, even those who did not watch, at least have heard or have seen prints of scenes from the film scattered over the internet, being used for a variety of purposes.

7. Society of Dead Poets

Starring Robin Williams – who has conquered generations with his brilliant characters – the film Dead Poets Society came to the screen in the year 1990, full of teachings and precious lessons, this got the spot on our Top 10 Cult movies on Netflix.

Williams gives life to John Keating, a former Welton Academy student; he is back at the institution as a literature / poetry teacher.

The plot develops with John and a class – in particular – of the traditional college, which followed the order of tradition, discipline, honor, and excellence – all young people were influenced by their parents (as in the customs of the time) without being able to “think ” on its own.

The high point of the narrative lies in the teacher’s unorthodox ideas, which clash with the school’s doctrines and students’ customs.

John Keating wants his students to think on their own, cling to what they believe in and actually crave for their futures.

In a short time, the teacher is already very well liked by the class; the premise of his teachings is Carpe Diem, which means taking advantage of each moment of our existence, always to the maximum – with responsibility – because if we put off for tomorrow what we can do today, maybe tomorrow will not come.

A touching, engaging movie with great lessons about how we live our lives and let ourselves be influenced and “follow the tide” because we believe it to be what people expect, or because it’s easier. Captivating photography, great scenery, ambiance, and dressing that masters the tones of the time (from 50 to 60).

8. Raw

Our number eight top best Cult movies on Netflix is RAW! Sustaining a central cannibalism plot, the film Raw presents Justine (Garance Marillier), a young vegetarian who has her actions completely changed, after being forced to eat meat on her trot at veterinary college.

Raw is a French film that brings Julia Ducournau as director. The plot has garnered the attention of the general public since its launch at the Toronto Film Festival, where several people went ill or fainted during the sessions.

After the grotesque trotting, Justine feels the changes in her biology, discovering her true nature, from this point forward we are taken by the scenes loaded with red tones – of blood – to which the protagonist is discovering his “preferences.”

Even being a horror and horror film, it carries photographs that make it, incredible as it may seem, something beautiful.

It is a great demand for fans of the genre, who do not cling to commercial films or Hollywood films. A film that, under the command of its young director, did not take care to add comfortable scenes, on the contrary! But it’s okay if you do not mind seeing people feeding on parts of others.

9. Monty Python: The Sense of Life

Monty Python made it to number nine on our Top best Cult movies on Netflix. The Sense of Life is directed by Terry Jones, who is co-creator and member of the comedy company Monty Python.

The 1983 film is a super original work of the group, where the structure of the film is presented in sketches, which harmonize philosophy and humor – famous British acid humor, which sometimes discomforts the most sensitive.

They cover themes ranging from birth to death to understand the meaning of life or try to prove that there really is none.

Without a doubt, humor is an escape valve for the most varied situations, so why not appropriate it to make art and to add reflections on the peripécias of life?

Even the film is not considered the best work of the group, “The Sense of Life” did well to make laugh, even with eschatological humor proposed in some scenes, does not fail to reach real factors that human existence propitiates.

Through the chapters within the film, the comedians took care to leave everything well sketched in order to complement each other, through criticism and ironies.

Follow the phases of life without – even for a moment – make a point of presenting some response to the title of the film.

10. The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

And finally on the Top Best Cult movies on Netflix is The Fabulous Destiny. Amélie Poulain’s Fabulous Destiny is a film that capricha in delivering a great story without getting attached to stereotypes and sameness, is far from a plot like so many that exist and only basically change the interpreters.

The film has become synonymous with cult, as it is French, with surreal elements, with a big title and explores the possible events in a young woman’s life, in an insightful, engaging and reflective way.

The perfect title to rotate and expand the mind, to focus on human relationships and how we deal with love, passion, and loss.

The premise of the story brings us to the young Amélie (Audrey Tautou), who as a child had no contact with other children, growing in isolation.

Already in adult life, we have the protagonist working as a waitress in a Parisian restaurant in Montmartre.

One day, Amélie finds a box with the belongings of the former resident of the apartment that she resides in a short time.

He decides to look for the man to return it to the box, at this moment, when witnessing the emotion felt by the owner of the belongings, the young one begins to think about the importance of the small acts, and begins to remodel his vision of the world.

Decided, it gives a new meaning to its existence, making small gestures to the people around it, with the purpose of only adding happiness in the lives of those who can.

Small details in the narrative captivate the one in front of the screen, an engaging and entertaining story to follow, nicely built by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant.

What stands out is the charm expressed by the eyes of the character, facing a world seen differently from the conventional, through its unique and distinctive, fanciful perspective, but still does not escape the reality that surrounds us.