Top 10 e-commerce templates for WordPress


Although it is associated with the world of the blogosphere, WordPress is a content management system that can be used not only to create blogs, but also to create websites for companies and online stores.

In this post, we will introduce you to the Top 10 most commonly used e-commerce templates.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and advance to the creation or remodeling of your online store.

Remember that a careful design corresponds to greater credibility – which, in turn, translates into a possible increase in sales.

Easily customized and edited, WordPress themes give you the foundation structure you can use to kick start your own digital success story.

The use is simple and does not require great notions of programming. Download your favorite, work it out according to your needs, and improve the communication of your company.

10 Fantastic E-commerce Templates For You


In just a year and a half, this e-commerce template has already been downloaded by almost 12,500 people.


The numbers prove the success of this one of the most complete and easy to use WordPress templates.

The secret lies mainly in the versatility that makes it to be used in various market niches – from clothing stores to luxury car sales.


The MayaShop is the template suitable for clothing stores or beauty items, for example. If you choose this option, you will be assured that you will get a well organized, clean, and elegant website.


The high level of customization makes its use extremely simple for the laziest of Internet users.

Flat Responsive

Are you worried that your site will become disfigured if seen on a tablet or smartphone? For the Flat Responsive is the right solution.


Easy to install, this WordPress theme bets on the image and strives to ensure that each user will have a unique browsing experience on their website or online store.

Bazar Shop

Organizing large amounts of products that sometimes have nothing to do with each other is a task, at least, complicated.


Choose the Bazar Shop and find a wide range of solutions for creating catalogs.

The Retailer

More than an e-commerce template, The Retailer is a multifunctional theme, suitable for companies with multiple needs.


Page templates are versatile and can be easily transformed into a blog or an institutional page.

The The Retailer is the template suitable for complete websites with sections with different utilities.

The Neighborhood

We live in the high definition era. If you are looking for a site with high image quality, The Neighborhood may very well be the next option.


The theme is retina and allows the creation of clean pages painted with images with an amazing resolution.

It is, therefore, suitable for companies that sell products or services that have a strong visual component.

The Restaurant

Want to create a page for your restaurant and do not know how? Well, this is the template indicated.


Create a relationship with your customers and take them to the door of your establishment. Show them your menu and surprise it with mouth-watering images.

The Restaurant also includes an online store that can be used to create your Take-Away system, for example.


The Flashlight is a website where the image speaks for itself. With multiple slider options, you can create your custom galleries.


The photos adapt to the background, and the template is suitable for companies where the image is very important – like travel agencies, for example.

The e-commerce zone is complimentary, as is the blog, and occupy a secondary part of the theme. You can reverse this by customizing the template.

Mazine WordPress

Easy, fast, and effective. These are the characteristics of this profoundly simple template with excellent results.


Allowing the installation of several plugins, it has an elegant design ideal for clothing stores or fashion products, for example. Click HERE to learn about Mazine WordPress.


The Blanco is an e-commerce template where just intuition to get results. Suitable for those who have tried to create a website fast and effortlessly, lets with just a few clicks choose the colors, and the page templates to use.


Suitable for anyone who wants to create a professional website easily and quickly.