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Top 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria


Nigeria is extended over in excess of 900,000 square kilometers, it is expected to find spectacular places such as park, market, museum and other natural things therein, we however took enough time to list the top 10 tourist attractions out of the thousands.

In Nigeria, there are many places which are very attractive in which we will not be able to list everything here.

Have you been thinking of the top tourist attractions to visit as we are approaching the Christmas festive? If yes, check on the list below!

Top 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria

1. Yankari National Park

tourist attractionsThe Yankari Game Reserve is excessively delightful for words, which make it impossible to portray. The park sited on region extended excess of 2,000 square kilometers. In this park, you will be able to watch creatures. This will trigger to embrace the awesome idea of the savanna and there is where you can relax after the long day activities.

2. Ikogosi Warm Springs

tourist attractionsThis tourist center is unique among the most impossible to miss spots on our rundown. However, it is very popular not only within Nigeria but also outside the country.

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The residential area is situated in Ekiti estate. The focus is where a chilly spring meets a warm spring, yet both springs maintained their different temperatures as it was naturally designed.

3. Balogun Market

tourist attractions
Balogun market is a unique market across West Africa. In fact, the market is one of the greatest in West Africa. The market is always opened every day from 7 am to 8.30 pm, there is enough time for you to discover something you want. The cost of things there is cheaper.

4. Olumo Rock

tourist attractions
Olumo Rock is located in the core part of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, so you would likewise have the capacity to investigate the city while you get to the Rock.

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The Olumo rock may not be bigger but it has a fascinating history that you will learn when you get there.

5. Ogbunike Caves

This cave is situated in Ogbunike, Anambra State, the site comprises of various hollows. In this way, guests that visited the cave need to take their shoes off before entering.

In the cave, you will see different bats. However, for those that love this creature will be eager to visit this tourist center.

6. The Town of Badagry

tourist attractions
This is for individuals who need to encounter the historical backdrop of their kin. In any case, be careful, your voyage may be darker than you anticipate.

This town is scandalous for being the epicenter of African slave exchange. Regardless it bears the seventeenth-century wells and many more.

7. Idanre Hill

tourist attractionsThis place is also regarded as Oke Idandre, this regular tourist is unique among the most delightful center in Nigeria. However, it comprises of shrines and Owa’s palace.

This is where you need to visit, Idanre Hill, Ondo state.

8. Tinubu Square

tourist attractions tinubu square
This tourist was named after the late Madam Efunroye Tinubu. However, she was a noteworthy lady in the pre-pioneer times, both in the slave exchanging business and in the government.

It is an open place in Broad Street, Lagos. It has few landmarks and two shining wellsprings.

9. Mambilla Plateau

tourist attractions mambilla

Mambilla Plateau is located in Taraba State, along with the Nigerian outskirt with Cameroon. This centre is celebrated for having the most noteworthy crest in Nigeria. We can find vegetation in Mambilla plateau.

Plants and trees that grow in this plateau is known to be exotic for the country Nigeria. The fun start right from the road to the plateau, you will enjoy the winding and the cliffs that serve as the border to the plateau.

10. The Confluence Of Rivers Niger and Benue

tourist attractions two rivers join togetherFinally, the confluence of the two major rivers makes our list. However, you can discover it in Lokoja, Kogi State.

The two Nigerian streams meet up in this correct spot, frame a Y-shape and proceed with their way to the sea as one. This is wonderful and deserves something seeing, as the river Niger and Benue meet as one.

This our list contains the top 10 tourists attractions in Nigeria. These are lovely places you need to visit, however, we will be glad if you can give us feedback on which of the center is more attractive to you.



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