Uber Eats begins testing drone delivery in the USA: Uber Eats Promo Code Included


Uber Eats is testing a new form of delivery with drones, focusing on high-density urban areas. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowed the company to test the novelty in the city of San Diego, California.

It is well tested with no form of default, so the technology is good to start already, also stating how best the delivery will work.

Deliveries will work with Uber Elevate’s technology combined with Uber Eats logistics expertise, making it easier to deliver orders by reducing deadlines and increasing customer choice.

The service is being driven by the Elevate Cloud Systems airspace management system, which tracks and guides drone flights independently from takeoff to landing.

The system still notifies Uber Eats handlers nearby so they can move to the pickup location shortly after the drone withdraws the order in the restaurant.


In the future, Uber plans that the drones will still be able to land on parked vehicles of partner drivers to speed up the process. Luke Fischer, Head of Flight Operations at Uber Elevate, says the company is working with the FAA to ensure safety comes first.

“From here, our goal is to expand delivery through Uber Eats drones so that we can offer more choices to more people at the touch of a button.

We think Uber is in a unique position to meet this challenge because it can take advantage of the network of restaurants and delivery partners of Eats, as well as Uber Elevate’s experience and aviation technology, “says the executive.

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